Meghan Markle had a Fairy Pyjama Party with her goddaughter and here’s proof

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Remember when Meghan Markle wasn’t married to Prince Harry and still had her very own Instagram account? Well, some excellent punters have preserved a bunch of the Duchess’s now-deleted images, and they’re slowly making their way back onto social media – much to everyone’s delight!

Movie night!

“Sharing cause this photo is so darn adorable,” royal fan account HarrysMegri posted on Instagram yesterday. The image shows a PJ-clad Meghan snuggled up in bed with a dinner tray on her lap. She’s accompanied by her goddaughter Rylan Litt who is appropriately dressed for the occasion in a tutu, sparkly shoes and pink fairy wings.

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Sharing cause this photo is so darn adorable?? #meghanmarkle #babyfairyprincesses #DuchessOfSussex

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Seven-year-old Rylan and six-year-old Remi Litt are Meghan’s godchildren, daughters of Benita and Darren Litt.

Benita runs a fashion business called Legend of Lido and is one of Meghan’s oldest and dearest friends. Her little girls acted as bridesmaids at the royal wedding and Meghan spent Christmas with the Litt’s in 2016 before she was plunged deep into royal protocol and a whole other life.

Also? Suits fans will be well aware that – weirdly – Meghan’s godchildren share a surname with infamous Suits character Louis Litt. Louis was Meghan’s character Rachel Zane’s boss in the hit law drama. So was Louis named in honour of Meghan’s buddy?

Who. Even Knows? #WeHopeSo #ProbablyNot

Meghan Markle Christmas 2016

Pre-Duchess Meg

There are a bunch of other pre-Duchess shots of Meghan online, also snaffled from her Instagram account before she was required to remove it and get her aristocrat on.

Let us take you through a few …

Meghan possibly playing Polly Pocket with Rylan

Meghan and her beloved pupper, Guy

Meghan (quite rightly) going for 3 scoops

Meghan misunderstanding raspberries

Meghan having an Instamushy moment

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Don't forget. #meghanmarkle

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Meghan Uggs it

Meghan writing how much she loves Harry in her diary

Christmas Image/ via Meghan Markle Instagram

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