Kanye “wants seven kids” – Kim Kardashian talks baby number five

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Kim Kardashian is mum to six-year-old North, three-year-old Saint, 14-month-old Chicago and 3-month-old Psalm with her husband recording artist Kanye West.

Keeping Up With Kim

While the couple have been pretty baby crazy since they got married, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has just told fans that she’s now ready to declare her family complete.

Chatting in an Instagram Q&A session recently, she responded to question about having “more kids” explaining that her plate was already very full.

“I love my babies so much, but four is all I can handle with how busy I am,” Kim revealed. “And each one of my babies needs so much attention.”

While many scoff and repeat the oft-touted phrase that the Kardashians are “famous for nothing” and don’t deserve the very high profiles they have, Kim’s actually incredibly hard-working. It makes sense that she’s feeling a little stretched.

Not only does she head up her own beauty company, she’s just launched a range of shape wear called Skim and she’s working consistently on a prison reform project securing the release of a number of unfairly incarcerated prisoners. She’s also studying for a law degree and on top of all that almost constantly filming one of the most successful – and pioneering – reality shows in the world. Plus managing four kids – with some help from nannies, for sure, but still … It’s a lot.

It’s hardly surprising that the big family reality coupled with all those business and passion projects is making life feel a little overwhelming.

4.0 Kim vs 7.0 Kanye

While Kim says she’s keen to stop at four kids, the last two of which were carried by a surrogate due to her own potentially life-threatening pregnancy risks, Kanye may not be quite so sure.

“Kanye wants to have more, though. He’s been harassing me,” Kim revealed back in October. “He wants like seven. He’s like stuck on seven.”

“[Seven is] crazy. I could never, especially in like the world we live in,” she continued.

“I’ve been kind of hesitant about having more kids just because it literally keeps me up at night, thinking about how my kids will survive in a crazy world like this.”

The pair’s children often attend Kanye’s popular Sunday Service sessions each week. These sessions are all about being connected to friends, family and other people of faith via music, dance and positivity.

It’s clear that family, community and faith are just a few of the tools the Wests are arming their kids with, in the hopes that they’ll be prepared for whatever lies ahead and this “crazy world”.

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