How a red moon influenced Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s parenting

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Author, model and TV host Chrissy Teigen and her EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony award winner) husband John Legend are parents to three-year-old Luna and one-year-old Miles, and the Lip Sync Battle star has just shared a little more about what life is like for her cute bunch.

Yesterday Chrissy did a very long Q&A session on Twitter — think Reddit’s famous ‘Ask Me Anything’, but in tweets — and fans had heaps of questions.

The answers revealed lots about how this family’s days pan out. Let’s take a peek!

Q and A with CT

When a fan asked how Chrissy and John chose their children’s names, Chrissy said they just fell into place.

“Luna’s name we didn’t think of til 2 days after she was born. But it was about to be a red moon and the sky was incredible. I always had a different name in my mind, though. Miles came out such a Miles.”

One fan wanted to know how Luna and Miles responded to the paparazzi, who seem to hound this family wherever they go.

“Luna hates them,” Chrissy admitted. “In New York, they don’t really hide and they apologize when she freaks and stop photographing. Here in LA, they’ve learned to hide more and you don’t know you’re being photographed. I’d rather know.”

It wasn’t just intrusive photographers that people wondered about. When a fan asked Chrissy whether she took issue with people who spoke to or touched her kids when they encountered them going about their day, she said she really did … not.

“I don’t,” she tweeted. “I know they’re being sweet. A lot of people touch and hug which is weird to most people but I’m also a toucher without realizing. I dunno. I’m not mad at touch.”

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Touch and go

Some followers were keen to know more about the nannies who care for this high-profile couple’s kids.

“We have 4 incredible people,” Chrissy tweeted back. “Not all at once. One will rotate and stay through the night.”

Others wondered what mattered most.

“If you had to grab something sentimental from your house in an emergency (excluding humans/animals) what would you take?” another follower asked.

“I can’t think of anything I care about except my two baby boxes,” was Chrissy’s response. “It has their hospital hats and bracelets, polaroids and cards from family.”

And when a follower asked, “How do your kids react when they see you on TV?” Chrissy’s reply was characteristically candid.

“They could not care less,” she tweeted back.

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