Chrissy Teigen claps back at mean critic who made fun of her little girl’s hair

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Chrissy Teigen just shared a couple of videos of her family’s adorable ‘Candy Court’ where the mum-of-two presided over an important decision.

“I want it and I like it”

We already knew Luna Stephens – the daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and the sister of baby Miles – was a lolly aficionado. She told us last week that Sour Patch candy is her favourite. It seems that she’s such a lolly lover that some formal proceedings have been put in place to govern her treats.

“I now call to order the meeting of the candy,” Chrissy – who is about to star in her own Judge Judy-like show called Chrissy’s Court – begins.

“First off Luna, I would like you to speak. Tell me about why you deserve the candy?”

 “I want the candy because I want it and I like it.” 

Chrissy offers Luna a single piece of candy.

“I say one,” she says.

 “I say [three],” Luna replies holding up three fingers.

“What about one?” her mum asks.

“No, I want three,” is the firm response.

“What about … two?” Chrissy suggests.

“YES!” Luna says decisively.

“We have reached a settlement,” Chrissy captioned the Candy Court clip.

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Too good to be true?

Now this was a very adorable exchange, but do you think everyone played nice? Nope.

One mean Instagrammer decided it was a good idea to focus in on Luna’s appearance.

“Finally someone brushed her hair,” that person wrote underneath the clip.

“@kmolleda all by herself!” Chrissy shot back at the mean lady. “Maybe she can come do your makeup.”

It’s not the first time Chrissy’s had a cheerful crack at social media critics and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

“I think you can respond [to trolls] if you’re having fun with them and make it more lighthearted,” Chrissy told Page Six last month. “I used to respond to so many things and I don’t even like it when Twitter is an angry place.”

“I’m much more able to laugh everything off, so I’ve grown a lot, we’ll say, with Twitter and Instagram,” Chrissy said.

All rise!

Now let’s shake off that nastiness and watch something sweet and pure …

Candy Court episode 1

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candy court is in session. part 1/2.

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Candy Court episode 2

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we have reached a settlement.

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And a bonus video we shall title ‘Boys are cute and girls are beautiful, now let me eat my snacks’

You’re welcome. (Thanks, Luna!)


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