Small child celebrates royal bub by ‘flipping the bird’ at reporter on live TV

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The rude finger popped up on morning TV earlier today, as part of the celebration surrounding the royal baby’s arrival.

This is England

To be fair it was Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew who was actually the target of this gleefully flipped bird. She was in Windsor reporting on Meghan and Harry’s brand new baby when a car carrying a young child cruised by.

From the back seat, the little boy’s grinning face could clearly be seen as could the gesture he was making with his hand. You might have expected him to wave a patriotic flag or give a little salute, in keeping with the royal theme.

But instead, his cheeky grin switched to a mischievous grimace as he merrily stuck his middle finger up at Edwina and the assembled cameras.

Never work with children or animals

It was all beamed back to Australia where morning TV viewers were no doubt spitting their coffee in surprise. Edwina tackled the mite’s naughty behaviour head on a little later in the program.

“How about that little kid that pulled up behind me?” she said in a cross back to David Koch in the show’s Sydney studio.

“What a little rotter, he stuck up his finger at me. There you go, the mean streets of Windsor on a bank holiday weekend. Wait until I get my hands on him.”

She then confirmed the car circled back for a second go.

“I’m sure you will be stoked to hear he looped back around for an ‘F-you!’ too,” she revealed on Twitter.

Edwina Bartholomew


Sunrise later shared vision of the incident on Twitter and people had … opinions!

“Good job on seatbelt use parents,” one commenter posted.

“I just spat weetbix everywhere,” someone else posted.

“Representing the town of Windsor: We’re tired of journalists taking over our streets and harassing us the past few weeks,” one local wrote.

“Accurate critic of Sunrise,” another commenter quipped.

Edwina Bartholomew


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