Helpline: All the answers to your most curly parenting questions are here!

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Each week, Australian parents everywhere tune in to Babyology’s Helpline for the latest intel on all the most perplexing parenting challenges.

Covering everything from teaching babies good sleep habits to fussy eating, how to play with your baby and challenging toddler behaviour, mothercraft expert and author of Bringing Baby Home, Chris Minogue has seen it all, and along with Feed Play Love presenter, Shevonne Hunt, answers all your tricky parenting questions.

Want Chris to answer your own curly parenting question? Just send us your questions and then tune in to Helpline each Friday at 11.30am on Facebook for the answers. Yes, it’s that simple to get the expert advice you need!

Helpline Extra: How to keep calm and travel with your baby

Helpline: Reflux baby sleep troubles, twin dummy dilemmas, and when co-sleeping becomes too disruptive

Helpline: Teaching a 6-month-old to self-settle, toddler temper tantrums, and am I overfeeding my baby?

Helpline: Newborn day/night confusion, 2-year-old night terrors and introducing a comforter

Helpline: Biting babies, dinner refusal and keeping bub warm in winter

Helpline: Introducing a bottle, tips to start toilet training and toddler daycare distress

Helpline Extra: How do you move your toddler from a cot to a big bed?

Helpline: Older babnight feeds, three-year-old anxiety and what’s the right amount of pooping?

Helpline: Longer day naps, head-banging toddlers plus milk-guzzling babies

Helpline: Toddler seizures, 2-year-old comforter obsession and overnight sleep routines for baby

Helpline Extra: How do you stop your toddler from smacking?

Helpline: Toddler social anxiety, starting bottles and one-month-old colic advice

Helpline Extra: How to introduce solid food to your baby

Helpline: 4-year-old poo refusal, rough toddlers and dropping a breastfeed for daycare

Helpline Extra: How to get rid of the dummy

Helpline: Dummy dilemmas, weaning for back-to-work and toilet training vs ‘toilet timing’

Helpline Extra: How to develop good sleep practices in your newborn baby

Helpline: Toddler sleep-delaying tactics, night-time dummy dramas and car-napping kids

Helpline Extra: How to tackle toilet training

Helpline: Kids who resist veggies, non-sleeping toddlers and introducing your child to daycare



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