11 hilarious hairstyles your toddler might be rocking today

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Toddler hair is hilarious. After doing the childcare drop for some years now and seeing all sorts of ‘styles’, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 11 classic toddler hairstyles.

Which of these best describes your little one’s ‘do’ right now?

1. The toddler mullet

This one is long at the back because you can’t bear to cut his wispy baby hair, and shorter at the front because you keep trimming it a little so it doesn’t get in his eyes.

But what you’ve given him is … a toddler mullet:

toddler outside

2. The Dumb-and-Dumber fringe

Lots of tots sport this hairdo.

Inspired by the film of the same name, the Dumb-and-Dumber is where the hair is so straight and soft it grows downwards over his forehead, so he looks like a toddler version of, well, this:

3. The unicorn

You know when your little one has JUST enough hair to tie into a pony on top of her head but, it looks more like a spike than a waterfall of hair? Yep, that.

We are dubbing this look ‘the unicorn’.
Toddler playing on the iPad

4. The head lice

This one is often sported by younger kids in a family where head lice has been passed from head to head.

The parents of this toddler know a buzz cut is a much more effective treatment for fighting the buggers than lotions and nit combs.

Young boy with shaved head short hair eating food

5. The velcro

This toddler has unruly hair that’s a bit like velcro. You find everything from biscuit crumbs and stickers, to playdough and Barbie accessories in her awesome mop.

Toddler with mop of red hair

6. The bling thing

This hairstyle is all about the bling. In fact, it’s hard to see the actual hair underneath all those clips, headbands and bows.

This tot LOVES to accessorise!

toddler headband feature

7. The baldy

This toddler is walking and talking and reaching all of his milestones, except the hair on top of his head. There isn’t any – or much.

As such, he still looks like a bubba. So cute!

bald toddler feature

8. The pineapple

This is a sort of spikey updo. The hair goes in all directions, kinda like a pineapple, or a bird of paradise.

But darn she looks adorable.

toddler ponytail feature

9. The Pippy Long Stocking

Toddlers with braids or pigtails are the cutest, especially when these stick out the side of her head.

She’s Pippy!

toddler girl pigtails feature

10. The “I’m a hairdresser!”

Oh dear. If your tot is sporting this one then it means she got her chubby little mitts on the kitchen scissors – or a sibling who fancied himself as a hairdresser did – and then found her.

We send our condolences. But hey, it’s just hair. It will grow back …

11. The accountant

This is a short back and sides little boy’s cut because he’s too scared of the clippers to get an actual style. The result? He’s rocking the accountant do.

Just dress him in a collared shirt to complete the look.


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