This spider cake is either the best or worst thing online today. You choose

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Author and Twitter user Dusti Bowling (who, not gonna lie, has an excellent name) has delighted and distressed the platform in equal parts, sharing a very bonkers and brilliant cake she made with her family.

Nailed it!

“Birthday party for my 8-year-old today and I was looking forward to posting some hilarious nailed it pictures of our tarantula cake,” Dusti posted referring to the Netflix cake fail-themed series Nailed It.

“But it turns out we’re awesome at making tarantula cakes! NAILED IT FOR REAL!”

It also turns out that Dusti is 127,000 percent accurate. Her cake is terrifyingly awesome and we can not stop bristling at its weird, fluffy, brown town spider ways

Other people felt exactly the same – and in fact, decided that spider confections are the new big thing. #GetInTheBinFunfettiCakes

Spider Cake

“Omg. My seven-year-old is dying,” one posted. “Now I have to make this for her 8th birthday come August.”

“Modeling chocolate for the legs. Glass Pyrex bowls for the body parts,” wise spider cake craftsperson Dusti advised earnestly, in response.

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The Cakeinator

Some people thought they had been kicking goals in the birthday cake stakes … until Dusti showed up.

“That is AMAZING!” one posted. “I’m congratulating myself for putting together a Lego brick cake this evening, but yours is rounded! And has legs! And mandibles!”

“I actually lucked out and had two Pyrex glass bowls I was able to bake in!” oh great sharer of spider secrets Dusti revealed.

“Awesome!!! What is underneath the tarantula? Cookie dough?” someone else wondered proving that everyone wants to know how you make a giant spider.

“Actually, it’s a yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting (mixed with walnuts and coconut)” Dusti confided.

“Too impressive to eat?” one fan offered, gingerly.

“I think I shed a little tear as I cut into it,” Dusti confirmed, obviously relieved to be “seen” and understood.


While spider-cake-spider-cake-does-whatever-a-spider-cake-can had a LOT of fans, not everyone was completely sold. In fact, it’s true that some people were not sure how to reconcile the shaggy spider that had just turned up in their Twitter feed.

“I’m having a love/hate relationship with these pics right now!” one posted.

“Scary for me,” someone else wrote doubtfully.

Supreme spider cake artisan Dusti coached them through their difficult time.

“I offered rainbow cupcakes as an alternative for the wimps,”  she soothed proving she’s both jaw-dropping arachnagenius and heart-of-gold host.



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