Is this the worst birthday party crime, ever? We think so.

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Oh my.

This is unbelievable.

A mum has posted something online that is too unfathomable to be true. And yet, it is. IT.IS!

OK, okay, I know I am dramatising here, but I am sure you will agree.

Worst. Party. Crime. Ever.

The confused mum took to Mumsnet to share an odd experience she and her two sons recently had at a birthday party.

She writes:

“Just took my DSs (6 & 4) to a school friend’s fifth birthday. This beautiful, huge, professionally-made cake was brought out and all children duly sang happy birthday and marvelled at this kids’ dream of a cake (it was covered in rainbow icing, glitter and actual swirly lollipops, for crying out loud),” she writes.

But then she drops the bombshell and we are all gasping.

“The cake was then boxed up uncut and taken home at the end of the party by the family – it was not sliced up and distributed to the party guests. There wasn’t even a cheaper cake offered as an alternative.”

See, criminal!

Birthday cake girl with candles

WTF! Why, oh why?

After the ‘dream cake’ was presented, and then cruelly taken away un-eaten, the mum was left to explain things to her sons.

“DS1 was fuming and I had a hard time trying to be diplomatic about it and coming up with a reasonable explanation. DS2 was so tanked on Haribo he wasn’t too bothered,” she writes.

No cake for you!

Giving the party throwers the benefit of the doubt, the mum then asks if perhaps she’s not across party culture in the UK where the party was thrown. She’s Australian and wondered if ‘cake denial’ may be a ‘thing’ that’s she’s unaware of. 

“Now, I’m a little bit forrin (Australian) and have always found the piece of cake in a napkin in the party bag a bit odd and British (we just eat the cake at the party in Australia) but this complete cake denial is new. Cruel and new.

“AIBU [am I being unreasonable]? Or is this just a British cake-withholding custom I have not yet been exposed to?” she asks.

children's birthday party


“Nope, that’s very weird. I could almost forgive it if they have a different cake for party bags, but no cake at all is awful,” responded one user.

And we agree.

No cake! The atrocity. The nerve. I could go on but won’t.

“It does sound very odd. What on earth were they planning to do with the cake?” asks another user, clearly not as outraged as us.

“Weird not normal at all. If they didn’t want to use up the expensive cake a few cheap Tesco tray bakes would have done the job and cost about a fiver,” said another very British user.

“Keep the cake at home if you aren’t willing to share!” added another.

Yep. Hear, Hear. It’s mean. Just mean.

What do you make of this strange cake denial? Is there something we and this mum are missing, perhaps? What could it be!


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