Need an Easter hat and aren’t the crafty type? Relax. ALDI has you sorted

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It’s that time of year again when parents find themselves trawling through the Easter hat decorations at Spotlight the night before the Easter Hat Parade because they forgot about the damned hat parade.

That, or they are digging through their child’s dress-up box in the hope they can find a hat to craft into an Easter-themed one. One that requires minimal effort but also won’t totally disappoint their child, especially when they are standing next to the kid of the mum who has created a hat that is so artistic it is worthy of being displayed at The Royal Easter show. 

Then there are the those of us who have just been told to just bring in decorations so the kids can decorate their hats at school. YES! But we still need the craft supplies …

Well, relax. ALDI has us all covered. Phew.

All. The. Easter. Crafts.

Right now (well, ‘until stocks last’) the supermarket that just seems to know what we need and when we need it when it comes to their middle aisle of random stuff, has lots of Easter Hat Parade crafts. 

Here’s some of them. While the hat and bunny ears will set you back a whooping $1.79, the other accessories such as chicks, plastic eggs, feathers, pom poms and pipe cleaners are $2.99. 

Plus, they have Easter stickers!

This is my favourite ‘craft for uncrafty types’ in the collection. We, and no doubt our kids, can literally peel them off and slap them on the hat! They come in cute bunny and egg designs.

The glitter eggs will add the ‘wow factor’

If you are now inspired to get your ALDI craft on for the Hat Parade, make sure you grab some of these sparkly glitter eggs. They will look fabulous sticking out of the hat or for your little one to clutch and she does a lap of the handball courts in her Easter get-up.

Thank you ALDI for saving our Easter Hat Parade butts. Happy crafting.

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