20 things guaranteed to ruin a tired mum’s evening

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There is a sacred time in the life of a mum and it starts around 7:30pm. 

If she’s lucky.

Don’t mess with mum’s golden hours, kids

This golden time kicks off when everyone is asleep tucked away in their beds and she gets to either a) run around ticking off unfinished tasks like a boss or b) collapse in a heap on the lounge to scroll through her phone and/or hog the remote.

Usually a bit of both.

Disturbing this golden hour comes with serious consequences. Anything other than life-threatening request will be returned with a death stare. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of pesky things you can do to ensure the wrath of any tired mum in your proximity after 8pm at night.

Only the brave should ever attempt these things. But we really wouldn’t recommend it … 

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  1. Forget to turn on the dishwasher before going to bed so when she wakes up everything is still dirty and there is nowhere to put the breakfast stuff.
  1. Not replacing the last of the milk you made that pesky nightly cup of tea with. Which makes breakfast time (or late night requests for milk) a total nightmare.
  1. Ditto bread.
  1. Answer any of her questions with a shrug.
  1. ‘Forget’ to replace the toilet rolls.
  1. Turn the television up really, really loud and stop listening.
  1. Hide the phone charger.
  1. Leaving wet towels and bath toys on the bathroom floor. 
  1. ‘Forgetting’ to do whatever task you assured her you’d be helping her with. 
  1. Puk her phone.
  1. Leave Lego (or other small toys) on the floor so she trips over them in the dark as she bolts out of the bedroom.
  1. Take more than 45 minutes to fall asleep.
  1. ‘Forget’ to lock up the house.
  1. Use up the hot water.
  1. Not taking out the garbage.
  1. Get out of bed within 30 minutes of going to sleep and ask for a drink of water.
  1. Pull out the school lunchbox from the fridge and start eating everything.
  1. Hide the TV remote.
  1. Tell her “you’re not tired.”
  1. Spill water/milk all over your sheets and pillow.


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