Hop to it! 7 adorable bunny cakes to inspire your Easter baking adventures

Easter Bunny cakes

Easter eggs and hot cross buns are brilliant Easter foodie traditions, but perhaps you want to surprise your gang with something all-new and extra-special?!

These Easter Bunny cakes are a delight to behold and have convinced us we’ve been missing out Easter cakes all these years – and need to make up for lost time, stat! 

1. Eggs and blooms

Instagrammer Lyndsay from CocoCakeLand is the genius between this beautiful bunny, and she’s kindly shared a how-to on her blog so we can all sweetly bunny along too! 

2. Sleepy bunny

The Sprinkle Sisters whipped up this sleepy bunny cake and honestly they make it look so gosh-darned easy! Head over to their blog for a tutorial and lots more Easter baking inspiration.

3. Bunny chic

Baking whiz Gordicesdamah created this pared-back, more grown-up incarnation of a bunny cake, and it’s proof that you really can do elegant rabbit ears!

4. Roses and sparkles

Mama’s Cakes took the sleepy bunny cake concept and amped up the lashes and fragrant blooms. The results are super cute and we especially love the glitter ear twist!

5. Bunny for one


A post shared by A Doce Vida Da Neila (@adocevidadaneila) on

Printed bunny face stickers and gingham-trimmed ears transform these cupcakes into the cutest Easter squad we ever did see! Instagram baker adocevidadaneila is the clever cookie behind these cute guys.

6. Brilliant old-school

This Easter Bunny Cake is from last year's Easter blog post and is a long standing tradition in my mother’s household. We had this cake every single year throughout my entire childhood, and now it’s time for a resurrection! Perfect word of course for such a holiday if you get down with that. Either way, this Easter Bunny Cake is uber adorable, edible, and fantastic, especially when you consider serving it after arranging the cake in the midst of the absolute cutest of Easter decorations 🐣🐰🌻🥕Make it vegan by replacing the egg with apple 🍎 sauce or vegan egg 🍳 substitute. Link to blog in bio. #easter #eastercake #bunnycake #easterdessert #veganeaster #dessert #foodgalleygab #thefeedfeed #f52grams #instagood #instagoodfood #bestofeaster

A post shared by Heather Rugile (@foodgalleygab) on

Heather of Instagram account foodgalleygab is not swayed by the fancy bunnies of late. She’s taken things back to nostalgic basics with this coconut and lolly-strewn perfection – and we could not love her any more for it! Find the recipe for this cake on Heather’s blog.

7. Snuggle bunny

Avete mai realizzato una TORTA a forma di CONIGLIO? 🐰 Buonissima ✓ morbida ✓ farcita con frosting al cocco 🥥😋 Perfetta per la tavola di Pasqua 🔝 la BUNNY CAKE incanterà tutti, grandi e piccini! Vi spiego passo passo come fare qui ➡️ archivio @ifood_it http://www.ifood.it/ricette/2017/04/bunny-cake.html 😍🌷 #laricettachevale #ifoodit #ifoodies #bunnycake #coconutcake #eastercake #tortaconiglio #easter #pasqua2018 #pasqua #beautifulcakes #igersnapoli #igerscampania #womoms #tentarnoncuoce #instamamme #incucinaconleinstamamme #don_in_cucina #kings_masterchef #italy_foods #solocosebuone #solocosebelle #yummy #feedfeed #52grams #cakestagram #cakeaddict #coconut #foodbloggeritaliani #eastertable

A post shared by Valentina Cappiello (@laricettachevale) on

This very cosy bunny was created by baker Valentina Cappiello. It’s a more traditional bunny, which makes it extra adorable! You can find the recipe – translated from Italian – over here.

Now all that’s left to do is choose which one to make – and bake your family an even more delicious and bunny-filled Easter! 


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