There are 8 different types of mums at Christmas: Which one are you?

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I love and hate Christmas. I love the magic of it, the lights and the way a Christmas Carol in Coles can make me succumb to teary nostalgia. I also live for the look of pure excitement on my little guys’ faces when they see the Christmas displays at our local shopping centre. It’s the best!  

But I also kinda hate it. I hate it for its commercialism and for the fact that we almost kill ourselves every year trying to make it perfect for everyone. But then I’m a mum, and that’s what mums do. If it wasn’t for mums, there would be no Christmas. Am I right?

So here’s a shoutout to all the different types of awesome mamas who make Christmas happen. Which one are you?

1. The ‘I own Christmas’ mum

I am in awe of this mum! She’s so clever and competent. 

She would never dream of buying a pavlova case because she always makes her signature pav from scratch – and it tastes better than Nigella’s. Everyone loves it when it’s her turn to host Christmas because you just know it will be perfect and she’ll even have a kids table with cute Rudolf marshmallow pops. She knows where to source the good crackers – on sale, and her house is the most sparkly in the street thanks to her ‘oh wow, that’s so beautiful’ Christmas lights. 

2. The ‘Oh Sh!t! It’s Christmas Eve’ mum

Okay, this is me. While I am getting better at buying gifts before the big day, I am always stuck in the Christmas checkout queues buying last-minute presents because I forgot someone, or ingredients for the Christmas feast ‘bring a plate’.

This mum (and I know her well) is a scatterbrain, but while she looks like she’s dropping the ball and leaving everything to the last minute, she always pulls through with the goods on Christmas Day – and her family love her for it. 

3. The ‘I’ve been shopping since last July’ mum

My friend is this mum and every year when we exchange gifts, she always tells me she bought my presents at some mid-season sale. This mum is thoughtful in her present-buying and ticks off her Christmas gift list before December, but I shudder at the thought of her bank balance.

Christmas bub

4. The ‘Christmas is magic’ mum

This mum makes Christmas really sing. She gnaws carrots on Christmas Eve and scatters them on the front lawn as proof that Rudolf was here. She embraces Elf on the Shelf to the nth degree and her Instagram of him sitting here and there is enviable. Her house is a Christmas wonderland and she doesn’t take the lights down until February.  

She just LOVES Christmas.

5. The ‘I made this for you’ mum

This mum is what all our Pinterest dreams are made of. She crochets, she bakes, she sews and she makes the most adorable Christmas gift tags using her kid’s footprints. When you visit her home, you marvel at her handmade decorations and then on Christmas Day you just know the present you are unwrapping from her is a gift of time.    

6. The ‘takes it all on board’ mum

Oh I pity this mum. She’s overworked, overly stressed and overly committed. 

This mum puts her hand up for everything – organising the playgroup Christmas party, offering to buy Christmas presents on behalf of family members (even though she has her own stupidly long list) and staying up past midnight to wrap presents on Christmas Eve. She also puts her hand up to host Christmas for both sides of the family, even though she’s pregnant and already has three children. But despite the stress, she loves Christmas and wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. The ‘I bought it online’ mum

This mum is one clever little Christmas elf. She doesn’t step foot into the shopping centre mayhem, because she’s bought EVERYTHING online. She hasn’t had to pay for delivery either because she’s been smart and bought gifts from various shops that have a ‘spend over a certain amount and get free delivery’ policy.

You also won’t bump into her at the supermarket on the 23rd because she smartly had her Christmas feast ingredients home-delivered. Oh and she got a delivery spot because she thought of this weeks ago.

8. The ‘I live at the shops’ mum

You seem to always bump into this mum when you are at the shops in the lead-up to Christmas. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, she’s always there picking up a gift or ingredient to make rum balls. She nails present buying because she takes the time to peruse the shops and buy that perfect gift. She masters shopping with her toddler because he’s so used to sleeping in the stroller or being pushed in the trolley mesmerised by all the Christmas glitter.


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