Make your Christmas extra snazzy and don some festive reindeer boobs

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Oh hooray. If your boobs were feeling a little glum tucked away under those ironic Christmas sweaters and fancy festive frocks, you’ll be stoked to know that there’s a fresh way to make them feel appreciated!

Ho ho huh?

Reindeer boobs are here to hero the brilliant boob and it’s the trend you didn’t know you needed … or needed to know about, even?

Reindeer boobs can be worn quietly … or they can be sported with bold “ta-dah!” style and spirit fingers, much like the lady below. The choice is yours.

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Twee the nipple

Reindeer boobs are a sort of festive take on the whole Free the Nipple thing, instead festively twee-ing the nipple with tinsel, glitter, pompoms and even googley eyes.

They’re created by exposing a nipple or breast via a cutaway or cutout garment. Antlers, a red nose, all-seeing eyes and other embellishments are added to suit the wearer.

Don’t worry gents, because this booby movement is not just for the ladies. Reindeer boobs sometimes take the form of reindeer nipples too, so it’s really a very inclusive movement. * nods *

Check out these fellows to see how this look might work for men. As you can see it’s easily customised and looks rather fetching and even extra authentic with a hairy chest.

If you’d like to see more of this interesting and very surprising practice, check out the #reinderboobs hashtag feed on Instagram. And why wouldn’t you want to do that? *insert side-eye*

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