Homemade Christmas gift tags

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There’s nothing sweeter than homemade gift tags to make the bounty beneath your Christmas tree look warm and folksy.

Gift tag materials

You will need

  • 2 x plain gift tags (available at your local $2 shop)
  • 3 x white pom poms
  • 3 x buttons of differing sizes
  • 1 small piece coloured string (to make the scarf)
  • 2 twigs (for the arms)
  • black marker pen
  • scissors
  • strong craft glue
  • 25cm jute string


For the pompom snowman

Pom pom snowman step 1

  • Use scissors to trim two of the pom poms down so that you have a base, middle and head pom pom of big, medium and small dimensions. Glue the pompoms to the gift tag in descending order to form the snowman shape.

Pom pom snowman step 2

  • Use a marker pen to draw on the snowman’s hat. Glue two small twigs to the card as the snowman’s arms.
  • Attach jute string and your gift tag is ready.

 For the button snowman

Button snowman step 1

  • Glue the buttons to the tag in descending order.

Button snowman step 2

  • Use a marker pen to draw on the snowman’s hat and glue a small piece of string in between the middle and head of the snowman. It’s a bit fiddly but if you use a toothpick to wedge it in between the two buttons, you may not even need glue.
  • Attach jute string to the tag and you are ready to use!


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