How to make a Christmas lights garland

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This colourful paper craft is an easy little project that will brighten up your home for Christmas, no powerpoints required!

You will need

Christmas garland materials

Silver card stock
Strips of coloured paper 2.5cm x 22cm
Hole punch
Craft knife
Jute string


  1. Cut the silver card stock into pieces: 3.5cm x 12cm. Cut as many pieces as you have lights, as these will form the base of each light.

Christmas garland step 1

2. Score the silver paper at 1.5cm intervals. Mark the third and sixth section with a dot.

Christmas garland step 2

3. Fold the silver paper at the score lines and use a hole punch to punch two holes where you previously marked.

Christmas garland step 4

4. Take the two ends, overlap them and glue to form a hexagonal shape.

Christmas garland step 5

5. Take one coloured strip and fold it in half. Now glue it at one end.


6. Bend out the sides to form a light shape. (You could also leave it as a tear-dropped shape without the folds at the sides.) Punch a hole through the glued end of the strip.

Christmas garland step 7

7. Place the coloured light inside the silver base and thread some string through both the holes in the base and the holes in the end of the coloured strip.

Christmas garland step 10

8. You have made your first light! Keep making them until you can make no more.

Christmas garland step 9

9. String them together and display them over a window or doorway.


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