All kitty-ed out: A Hello Kitty bullet train is coming to Japan in June

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Book your tickets, lovers of cute, because the Hello Kitty train is on the way. No more will you have to travel in Japan’s other super-efficient and tidy trains. Now you can next-level your rail journey with a hefty dose of PINK and some help from Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty train

All aboard!

The West Japan Railway Company are the genius folk behind this beautiful ride – which will run between Osaka and Fukuoka – stopping at major cities in between. 

The train – called the Hello Kitty Shinkansen – is due to make its debut trip on 30 June, 2018.

As you can see, it’s decorated within an inch of its Hello Kitty life, and features a variety of themed cars and zones where pussy-cat obsessed passengers can elevate their kawaii (that’s “cute” in Japanese!) experience to a whole other level of peak pink.

“In one car, called the Hello! Plaza, there’ll be an exhibition area and gift shop,” Metro UK reports, “When the train approaches a station, the usual jingle you’d hear will be replaced with a Hello Kitty theme song.” Imagine it! We so neeeeeded a different jingle, didn’t we?!

Hello Kitty train map

Kitty-ed out

In another car, dubbed the Kawaii! Room Car, “the company will outfit windows, walls, floors, head, and armrests in Hello Kitty garb, while riders who reserve a ticket will be able to take pictures in a themed photo booth with a giant Hello Kitty doll,” media outlet Curbed reveal.

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A series of artist renderings released by The West Japan Railway Company show exactly what the interior will look like. Frankly it’s everything you’d expect – and possibly more!

This ridiculously kitty-ed out train has just gone straight to the tip-top of the bucket list for fans of cute!

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty train


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