8 go-to mum and baby outings (for when you’re too tired to think straight)

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Perhaps your baby has woken from her afternoon nap and you KNOW you should head out the front door, but your foggy head is telling you to sit on the couch and scroll mindlessly through your phone?

Look, honestly, you’ll get no judgment from us because life with a baby is exhausting. But just say you DO want to go a little further afield, we’ve done the thinking for you.

1. The library

Most libraries have a story time where you can get to know other parents and your little one can make some baby or toddler friends.

If you time your outing nicely you could walk your bub to sleep and then sneak into the library for some grown-up story time aka choosing a book for yourself in a location where there are baby-friendly facilities if it all turns to a scream-fest!

2. The museum

While this might seem like a big family outing, it’s a totally brilliant option for a mum and baby duo, too – even if your baby is very tiny. There’s heaps of room to wheel your pram, there are baby facilities on tap, rowdy school groups will make you feel like your baby is a quiet and well-behaved darling AND there are lots of great things to look at. Babies usually get free entry, so you just pay for yourself and enjoy an interesting couple of hours. Again – there will be coffee and snacks on tap in a kid-friendly environment.

Mum at park pushing toddler on swing

3. The playground

It’s a classic, but for good reason! There’s plenty of fresh air, no decibel limit if your baby is grumpy and there are places to sit and things to play on – depending on your energy level and personal jam.

Invest in a Keep Cup and make yourself a cuppa at home, then walk or pop into the car to set forth on a caffeine-filled out-of-the-house adventure (without having to stop to pick up a coffee!)

You may meet other tired mamas at the park, so if you’re feeling social perhaps pack a Thermos of tea and a couple of cups. You might save a life/make a friend.

Mum and preschool girl

4. The pal’s house

Sometimes you not only want to leave the house, you want to have a chinwag with someone trusty. This is where the pal visit comes in.

From the get-go, you should establish that tidy homes and neat hair are not requirements of reciprocal pal house visits. Set the “anytime is a good time, anyhow” sort of tone from early on and you’ll have a go-to outing on tap.

5. The shopping centre

Look. Obviously, shopping centres are bustling hives of commercial activity, but they are also undercover, have great baby change facilities (usually) and plenty to look at for your little one.

Apart from that, there are the obvious positives like plenty of snacks, coffee at the drop of a hat and the ability to be out of the house whilst not really having to be super-social if you’re feeling a little lacklustre.

mum and newborn baby

6. The botanic gardens

The winding paths, lush greenery, fresh air and wide open spaces of your local botanic gardens are the perfect place for a mum and kiddo outing. You can get in some brisk exercise, if you are feeling energetic, or just wander foggily about and finish up at the cafe for a cuppa and a babyccino.

Most botanic gardens have some fenced or kid-safe areas, so your child can wander freely too!

7. The beach

Not everyone has access to the beach, admittedly, but if you do it’s an excellent place to blow the cobwebs out of your head and keep your baby entertained.

If you’re sand-phobic, you can simply pop your baby in a baby carrier and wander along the shore. No need to go the whole nine yards, if it seems too much for your snoozy self.

Mum hugging toddler on beach

8. The market

If you have a local fresh food market close by, it’s a brilliant place to take your baby. Not only can you snaffle a few things for dinner, there is lots to look at and plenty of interesting smells (!) and sounds. There’s also coffee on tap (aka mother’s milk) and plenty of snack options if your baby is finger-food ready!

Another great thing about the market is that it makes you want to cook healthy and delicious things, which might give you extra energy and fuel even more fresh adventures. 

If you’re a tired mama and you’ve read this far, we’d like to congratulate you on your tenacity. Here’s hoping you’ve garnered some getting-out-of-the-house inspiration in the process! 


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