I’m going to let you in on a simple hack that will put an end to odd socks

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The other day I lost the plot. We were running late to get out the door (as per usual) and I couldn’t find any matching socks for my boys in the mountain of clean washing.

“Argh!” I screamed, while rummaging through the pile like my toddler in the ball pit. “I am so over socks. Why are there NEVER any stupid pairs?” I said, pegging a lonesome orange one at the wall. 

Then I had a revelation.

What if I threw out all of my sons’ socks that need partners and just replace them with ones in the same colour that can be matched to any of the others?

I know. Brilliant.

Let me share just how life-changing this simple hack has been for me.

The socks were the bane of my life

I have two sons and thankfully, they can both wear the same-ish sized socks. Sure, if my eldest wears my youngest’s socks they are a little snug on him while his are a bit floppy on his brother, but I get away with it.

BUT, their socks always came in pairs.

This means I was forever trying to find the other cute froggy/spiderman/stripey etc sock to make a pair. My OCD also wouldn’t let me team these up with the wrong ones. I mean, the blue socks absolutely could not be turned into a ball with the orange ones, that’s just wrong!

Even my preschooler knew this, complaining one day when in desperation I plucked a light blue sock from ‘the pile’ and put it on his foot, even though the other one was wearing a charcoal one. “Mummy, this is the WRONG sock,” he wailed.

Yep. Stupid effing socks. 

Washing pile

I was in sock hell

While I would do every trick in the book to try and keep socks in pairs – pegging them in sets on the clothesline and then bringing in teamed balls, for instance, there was always a few escape artists.

Somehow between being tossed in the dirty clothes hamper, then washed and hung up to dry, some would go AWOL. I would have five or so single socks just sitting in the bottom of the washing basket waiting to be paired – one day, maybe, if his friend happened to turn up. Sigh.

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Odd socks

Well, not anymore!

After my revelation that I had the power to put a stop to all of this odd-sock-induced anguish, I picked up all the coloured socks with their cutesy designs and threw them into a bag for the charity bin (they will no doubt be sold to a factory as rags because not even the homeless want my mismatched socks).

When I said ta-ta to that bag of annoyance, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. Then I headed straight for Kmart.

Although I had my two boys with me, begging to go to the toy aisle, I was a woman on a mission.

I found the sock aisle and snarled at the little packs of colourful pairs. Then I made a beeline for the plain Jane tidy whitey cheap ones. And I bought up, BIG.

Odd socks be gone

Now I never have to find a sock partner for my boys on kindy mornings, or just when I want them to wear a pair of shoes outside again. Their socks are all the same size and in the same colour. They are easy to pair because they ALL go together.  

I plan on doing the same colour trick with mine and my husband’s socks. Never again will I be trolled by odd socks!

Now, I just need a hack to get rid of all the damn toy clutter


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