12 indoor activities to keep the kids busy on winter weekends

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Wet, wintry weekends and the winter school holidays all add up to the same thing – it’s tricky to keep the kids busy indoors without going stir crazy. We’ve formed a fab list of inside activities that will more than do the trick, so don’t waste any more time, get ready to entertain the troops!


A winter wonderland play scene is perfect for peg dolls, Lego minfigures, Sylvanian Families – even Barbie and her pals can get in on some snow day activities. Collect the cardboard from the recycling bin and head to Mr Printables to download and print!


All the kids are still crazy about Star Wars right? Let them create their very own Star Wars scene, finger puppet style! A whole afternoon can be spent fussing about with these – head to The Idea Room and purchase the full patterns and tutorial in one easy download for just US$4.

Fun at-home Montessori activities

Want to make sure you’re stimulating your kids’ brains and development while they play? Then give these 9 fun and educational Montessori-inspired activities a try. You’ll not only be instilling a love of learning in your child, but you’ll also be encouraging them to explore and become confident, independent learners.


Kids will always be keen to get busy in the kitchen if there’s a sweet reward on offer. Not quite as healthy as a fruit snack but not quite as naughty as a doughnut, Hello Wonderful shows us how to make beautiful looking and scrummy tasting apple doughnuts.


Prepare for cheerful chortling at the suggestion of making unicorn poop slime in your kitchen. Head to Momdot for all the details on how to create a disgustingly slimey time for the kids.


Part craft, part science experiment, part munchy snack (though maybe not, being kitchen sponges and all), put kids’ building skills to the test with The Stem Laboratory Sprout House. Leave your sprouty villa in a warm, sunny window position for best growing chances.

Fun egg carton crafts for kids

If you’ve got a few empty egg cartons piling up for recycling, put them to good use during your next crafternoon with these egg-cellent egg carton crafts. There’s loads of fun stuff to do for every age and stage!


Art Bar Blog gives us a glimpse of how to create the most beautiful and fun dream catchers for kids to hang with pride in their bedrooms. With lots of tips and suggestions supplied, have plenty of ribbon, washi tape and cardboard on hand!


Here’s an activity I think I’d be keen to join in on, good ol’ fashioned colouring. There’s so many awesome markers and pencils available now, treat yourself to a new pack and download a few fantastic colouring pages at Mollie Makes for free (though her book is great too!).


I have it on good authority from my own 10-year-old box boy, cardboard boxes aren’t just fun for tots. Make Cakies recycled doll house or even a television (pictured top), Estefi Machado style.


A bag of entertainment for just a few dollars, pop sticks have always been a hit in my home. Hot glue, paint or manipulate them to stick together – there’s nothing that can’t be done with these things. We love these crafty pop stick ideas from Parents too.


Here’s a fab painting activity, minus the paint thanks to It’s Always Autumn blog. A visit to your local art supply store for a handful of fab coloured tissue paper will make for pretty coloured artwork. A quick visit to a discount store (The Reject Shop, Cheap as Chips, etcetera) for a canvas or two and you have instant art to hang.

And if you’re really, truly, completely over the impossible glitter cleanup, here’s a bunch more fun indoor activities to keep the kiddos entertained and (mostly) out of your hair when they’re stuck inside on a cold or rainy winter’s day. None of which involve a speck of the dreaded shiny stuff. The good ol’ blanket fort for the win!







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