6 signs you’re raising free range kids (and doing an awesome job at it)

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We like it for our eggs, our chickens and even our kids. Going free range is the latest trend to hit the 21st century and free range parenting is all about returning to a more carefree, natural world where iPads and Instagram take a back seat to mud slides and tree climbing. Children are free to explore their environment, embrace the mess and get back to the basics of being a kid.

To all the au naturel parents out there, this one is for you!

Rear view of parents swinging little boy at beach

One thing many parents have in common these days is a yearning to return to a more natural way of life. This is the theory behind free range parenting, where children learn self-reliance by being allowed to make choices, build independence and progressively experience the world on their own. How can you tell if your family falls into this category? Well, if these ring true in your household, you’ve gone free range!

1. Dirt isn’t the devil.

muddy kids sl

It’s one of the best substances for children to play with – up there with snow, water and mud. After all, a little dirt never hurt anyone. It’s good for the immune system, right?

2. Grow your own is a common concept in your household.


Hands up if you think all children should learn how to grow their own fruits, veggies and herbs. Yep. Us too. And, if they grow it themselves, there’s a higher chance they may actually eat it.

3. Routine is important, but it’s okay to stray.

done kids sl

Sometimes staying up long past bedtime watching movies with the kids in a cosy dome of blankets and pillows is a necessity. And sometimes baths are not.

4. Digital detoxes are a monthly thing.

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What this entails is a full weekend away from phones, tablets and computers – no social media, no work emails, no Minecraft. Instead, nature walks, beach trips, picnics in the park and backyard camping are definitely on the table.

5. Natural products are best, for the kids and the environment.

15 things mum sl

Cleaning up messes is a part of life. You’re a whiz with the baking soda and vinegar for household messes and you’ve been known to toy with the idea of making your own soap and shampoo concoctions too!

6. Adventure is out there. It’s up to you as a family to find it!

free range parents burst bees sl

Kids will eventually choose their own path, but you will can be right beside them, guiding, teaching and reassuring them when they need it. Because, with you by their side, the sky is the limit.

To the families who choose to return to a more natural way of life, we salute you. It’s hard work in today’s tech-obsessed world, where so many other things compete for your attention. The laundry pile may never be empty, the house may not be spotless and the bedrooms may look like a bomb went off, but the days and nights will be filled with love, laughter and learning.


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