Expecting a baby? Here’s the checklist all new parents need

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These days there are so many products on the market for newborns that it can get a little confusing. Do you really need the up-and-down-back-and-forth-magic-bouncy-swingy-jumpy-rocker or can you do without?

Nobody wants to shell out their hard-earned cash on items that turn out to be unneeded. We’ve done the hard work for you – so you can get prepared now with our almighty newborn checklist. Save it. Print it. Share it. And stress less knowing you’re ready for what’s to come.

swaddled baby

For safe and secure sleeping

  • bassinet or cot with mattress
  • bedding for the cot or bassinet
  • blankets
  • baby monitor
  • a newborn swaddle
  • night light for late night feeds (also useful to avoid stubbing your toe while creeping out of the bedroom in the middle of the night)
  • possibly some sort of sleeping aid, like a dummy, a mobile or a soft toy

For easy outings and awesome adventures

  • pram or stroller, perhaps with a raincover or a sunshade (some will come with this)
  • nappy bag
  • baby capsule or car seat (consider hiring a capsule to save cash)
  • newborn baby carrier
  • some toys and a mat for bub to lie on during awake, tummy and play times

For bathing, changing and dressing

  • change table (or just a mat)
  • baby wipes (seriously, just buy 30 boxes of them and leave them in your garage. You will use them!)
  • newborn nappies (at least two boxes)
  • toiletries to wash bub (shampoo, baby bath, lotion)
  • barrier cream to reduce nappy rash
  • soft, clean towels and a face cloth for bath time
  • a baby bath (your back will thank you – but make sure you get one that’s easy to empty and store)
  • bodysuits, onesies and growsuits (an animal-themed item of clothing never goes astray for newborn photos)
  • jackets, jumpers, beanies and cardigans (for winter babies)
  • singlets and sun hats (for summer babies)
  • socks (even newborns have an uncanny ability to lose these)

baby stock sl tummy time bath towel

For drama-free feeding

  • breasts! (or bottles and formula)
  • breast pump (or consider hiring) and breast pads if breastfeeding
  • a nursing pillow

For safety and your sanity

  • baby thermometer
  • first aid kit
  • steamer or vaporiser
  • an extra large supply of coffee beans and an assortment of chocolate (This is for you. You need to keep your energy up, after all.)

The most important things your newborn needs are your love and attention. Fortunately, that’s free!


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