Afternoon tea with friends gets fancy – a DIY high tea roundup

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If you can’t make it to our Babyology Baby Shower high tea today, don’t despair. We’ll miss seeing you there but we’ve got the next best thing – a round up of delicious DIY high tea recipes for you to throw your own party!


It’s relatively easy to pull together a high tea gathering – dust off and freshen up your table linens, teapots, teacups and tiered platters and prepare a menu of delicious finger foods and you’re good to go. Make sure you have chilled champagne on hand for the grown-ups, some pink milk for the kids, and let’s not forget a few choices of steeped tea to enjoy along the way.


For tarts that are both tasty, look terrific and don’t involve any cooking, look to Decor8 for their sour cream and goat cheese tartlets recipe. Holy heirloom tomatoes, I could eat these everyday.


The mainstay of any ¬†high tea event, ribbon sandwiches. Sometimes known as finger sandwiches, they’re worth the fussy cutting and slightly fancy fillings found here at Amazing Days Events and Taste. Use different breads to help draw in the crowds!


If there will be children attending, be sure to have something savoury on offer you know they’ll eat. Our sausage rolls will fit the bill nicely!


Don’t underestimate the power of a bread stick and a packet of smoked salmon. Refreshing smoked salmon crostini is only a few steps away thanks to this delicious recipe from Taste.


Up there with ribbon sandwiches are classic, no fuss scones. No tea is actual tea without scones, jam and clotted cream (or you can cheat and use whipped cream which is just as delicious). Follow Donna Hay‘s recipe for a strong scone game.


Forever a fancy, decadent biscuit, people will swarm to a plate of macarons like no other. Who can resist that sweet, crisp and delicate but slightly chewy meringue? Not me! Find the recipe for these stunning chocolate raspberry macarons at Oh Sprinkles!


The queen of all things cute, Bakerella inspires us all with her magnificent and fun cake pops. Not that confident? Her cake balls are easy to execute and look just as fancy.


At risk of having a tea table overrun by pastry, I can’t not include these majestic looking bite sized mini lemon meringue pies from My Baking Addiction.


As expected, Pinterest is brimming with amazing petit four ideas and how to decorate – fresh flowers and a vintage mix of tea accessories is a popular and pretty choice. I definitely recommend you stop by there for some tea pouring inspiration!


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