Want to win at parenting small boys? Fill your backyard with excavators!

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This morning my two boys woke up to their very own fantasy. This is what happened.

“Mummy!! There are diggers in the driveway. Come and LOOK RIGHT NOW!”

My almost five-year-old shrieked at me as I was startled awake from a deep slumber.  And as my brain started functioning again after such a rude awakening, I remembered that yes, today was the day when the excavators were going to start work on the granny flat we are building at my parent’s house, where we live. 

Pretty soon my youngest was also awake and the two boys were standing outside in their PJs, mesmerised by the diggers in THEIR backyard. The very same backyard where they play diggers and dump trucks! 

Sam pointing at digger

More for truck-obsessed little ones:

A dream come true

My sons, like most little boys and some girls too, are truck mad. Obsessed is probably more to the point. They know the difference between a digger and a bulldozer and will yell out, “concrete truck!” whenever we pass one on the road with such excitement that I almost veer off. And now, these glorious machines were in their play space. You can imagine their excitement!

Breakfast and a show

As the digger driver, Richard, started scooping piles of dirt, my boys insisted on eating their Rice Bubbles in their little chairs just outside the safety fence. My eldest even sprinted to the toilet when he needed to wee, lest he miss anything.

Sam eating breakfast looking at digger

Then as the day progressed and the yard became rubble, the boys watched as the digger and bobcat worked to shift the earth.

And the best was yet to come …

When I grow up I want to drive one of these

When the builders left for the day, Richard, or Mr Digger as we named him, came up to the fence and put the cherry on top of the boys’ day.

“If you are good boys and only walk where Mummy says, you can come into the construction site and sit on the machines.”

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Pigs. In. Mud.

Sam in digger

Leon and Sam in construction site

Happy Sam in bob cat

Leon and Sam in trucks

Happy Sam in bob cat

Leon in digger

Sam pointing at digger

Leon and Sam sitting in bob cat

Officially the best day ever.


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