Astronauts are reading stories to kids, from ACTUAL outer space!

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If your child (or … heck … you!) quite fancies the idea of an astronaut reading a storybook from the rapidly hurtling International Space Station then Story Time from Space is going to be your new very favourite thing!

It’s out of this world, literally

Story Time From Space was started by educator Patricia Tribe and astronaut Alvin Drew, and is an initiative of the Global Space Education Foundation.

Basically, it is what is sounds like, actual astronauts reading books from space – with a few brilliant experiments thrown in for good measure!

The books chosen all have a science-y spin, ensuring kids are not just entertained (because they’re read from actual outer space, y’all!) but that they also get an excellent serve of fun facts with their story.

Story Time in Space

In a galaxy far, far away

We’ve got to say, these story time videos are even better than you’d dare to imagine. In one clip, a book floating inside part of the Space Station is approached by a floating astronaut, who secures himself into position, explains his surroundings and then begins to read. Hovering books are a common theme, in fact.

During the stories, we often also get a really good look out of the International Space Station windows, to Earth below. The video shifts back and forth from astronaut to story pages, nailing the very best of both worlds!

There’s a whole library of stories for kids and parents to enjoy, with titles ranging from Rosie Revere, EngineerMax Goes to the Moon and The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.

Both boys and girls are the heroes of these stories, and they’re written and read by men and women because equal rights for all!

Read more about great books:

Sparking STEM enthusiasts

As the push to get kids more interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects – for their own and the economy’s sake – jaw-dropping resources like this are an awesome place to start.

Who wouldn’t have their interest piqued by stories told from zero gravity?!

If your child is interested in finding out even more about the International Space Station, you can also check out NASA’s webcam which shares their view of Earth and tracks their journey far, far above us!


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