Need more storage? 5 innovative storage ideas from Ikea

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Storage! The more you have the more you need, especially with kids.

These fun and innovative storage ideas from Ikea will help you make the most out of every little bit of space, helping you stow everything away in a flash and achieve a clean, uncluttered and stylish room. 

1. MÖJLIGHET bed pocket

This cute bed pocket is a great place to hide all sorts of knick-knacks. It hangs over the end of your child’s bed and offers a range of different sized pockets, perfect for housing all the essential items – their favourite bedtime storybook, torch or collection of special toys. It takes up no room at all, fits all Ikea beds and adds another little storage nook to a spot that is often completely underused.

MOJLIGHET bed pocket from Ikea

RRP: $9.99.


2. BJÄRNUM folding hook

The hallway is another underused space so why not make the most of it with a pram hanger – a couple of hooks mounted on the wall to store your folded pram. Add a kitchen splashback panel to save the walls from knocks and scuffs, not to mention yourself and others from constantly tripping over the pram.


RRP: $14.99 for a pack of 3.


3. TROFAST storage combination with boxes

This storage combination comes with three lightweight easy pull-out boxes, perfect for tossing away toys, games and other bits and pieces, leaving plenty of cleared floor space for play. The TROFAST needs to be anchored to the wall to avoid tipping and comes with its own safety fitting. Place three or four in a row for plentiful, easy-to-access storage – and with different coloured boxes, you can create an overall fun and vibrant look.

RRP: $126.

4. SLÄKT bed frame with underbed and storage

This single bed frame comes with an extra bed and a set of drawers underneath, which can both be easily pulled out. Ideal for sleepovers, play dates or when parents snuggle up to read bedtime stories or comfort little ones who are feeling a little scared. Best of all, it won’t cause any major disturbances to the bedroom layout, and it folds away in seconds.

RRP: $389.

FLISAT wall storage

This clever wall shelf is attractive and takes up very little room. It’s fantastic for storing and splaying an assortment of books, so your little one can easily find the one they want. You can also add their favourite toys, ornaments or even a small night light, replacing the usual bedside table and freeing up the floor space below.

Ikea Flisat wall shelf

RRP: $19.99



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