Mums are arguing about who the hottest cartoon character is and LOL

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A post on the parenting forum Mumsnet has women arguing over who is the hottest cartoon man, and apparently the winner might not even be a man.

The hottest of all the cartoons?

“Am I being unreasonable to think Gaston is the hottest of all the cartoons?” a mum wrote. “He’s a chauvinist pig but I still would.”

Then it all kicked off. Some said that Gaston was not hot. Not hot at all.

“Good Lord no, he’s roughly the size of a barge!” someone protested.

“Surely he smells?” a commenter wrote.

“He does have a nice hairy chest. But we must not ignore his doucheyness,” one woman pointed out.

“But he eats all those eggs??? Gross,” another mum declared. 

But others agreed that Gaston was a total hunk and under-appreciated.

“Unpopular opinion but … Belle was too far up her own arse to see the beauty of Gaston.”

There were other mentions of his … size. #OkayKaren

Plot twist!

But many, many, many others asserted that it was not Gaston who was top of the cartoon hottie pops. Instead it was another philanthropic gent.

“I’m partial to Disney’s Robin Hood,” one woman confessed.

“The fox version of Robin Hood,” someone else posted sheepishly.

“Omg I came on here wondering how to explain I fancied the fox version of Robin Hood,” another agreed, feeling less alone.

“Can I be really, really weird here and say that when I was little I had a crush on Robin Hood? As in, the fox,” yet another fox-fan posted.

“He is the foxiest fox that ever foxed!” a commenter gushed.


All that said, not everyone was on board with the fox as a dream date concept … and they had very legitimate reasons for their anti-foxy feels.

“I couldn’t be with a fox,” one woman wrote. “Doesn’t their poo stink? Plus imagine the hairs in your teeth.”

“I’ve just googled and red foxes are 50cm tall maximum. You would look ridiculous stood next to him,” another asserted.

We’d also like to point out that Robin Hood didn’t even wear pants, so there’s also that.


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