Artwork overload! 7 ideas for what to do with all those pictures your kid did

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If you have young kids then you also have paintings and drawings – tons of them!

We know it’s hard to part ways with your child’s creative masterpieces (they could become the new Picasso!), but what the hell do you do with them all?! Here are seven ideas to help you clear the clutter and show off their skills. 

1. Put them in a folder

painting folder

This is pretty simple but effective. Just buy a binder folder with plastic sleeves and pop in all their pics, like Laura Radniecki has done here. Neat and tidy, and easy for kids to flick through when they want to. The only downside is you won’t fit large pictures in unless you fold them. 

2. Make a photo art book

cover of kids art journal

Whip out your phone or camera, take photos of all the artworks, go online and have them made into a printed book with captions and then toss the originals. Genius! Your kids will love looking at their art books and they take up much less space. You can also include photos of bulky craft projects, plus shots of your child proudly showing off their creations. Check out Creative Green Living for more tips on making a digital art book like the one above.

3. Create a display gallery

Artwork frames

Check out this neat idea from The Caterpillar Years! Paint a bunch of old picture frames and then hang them on your child’s bedroom wall for you to pop different artworks in. Not only will they look super smart but you can remove and replace pictures as they make new creations.

4. Clip, pin or peg them

peg artworks 

This is the same sort of idea as a display wall, but instead of frames hang up some string and then peg the pictures on – like Design Improvised has done here. Other options in the same vein are to get a huge corkboard and pin up artworks, or attach clipboards to the wall and clip pieces in. All of these options make it really easy to replace artworks with new ones as they make them, in a tidy cute way.

5. Frame your favourites

framed artworks

If there are artworks that you particularly love, why not frame them? Suddenly they’ve gone from being scribbles on paper to fun personalised art in the home. Statement pieces could be stand-alone framers, or otherwise, frame a whole bunch to create a gallery wall (image via Pinterest).

6. Use a picture ledge

picture ledge

Either build your own shelves or use those neat picture ledges from Ikea to create display gallery ledges for artworks, like Ana White has done here. The best part is you can replace pictures with other photos, books or ornaments when you want to giving you more options as your child gets older.

7. Make a digital collage

digital collage gallery

Similar to the digital art book, scan a bunch of your favourite artworks in, make them smaller and then create a digital collage artwork to frame and put on the wall. It’s a great way to show off their best pieces all together in a stylish way. (image via Pinterest)

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