21 brilliant DIYs to upcycle your old baby gear 

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There’s no doubt about it – having a baby means you accumulate a lot of STUFF! From outgrown clothing and too-small baby blankets to baby furniture and all those baby food jars collecting dust at the back of the cupboard, most of us get to a point where we’re struggling to find room for it all whilst at the same time wondering why we’re hanging onto it in the first place 

But it’s so hard to let go of our precious baby’s things – their sweet little onesies and well-loved baby blankets have so many wonderful memories attached! And those jars could be handy for so many things  

Sure, you could give everything away to friends and family, or donate it to the local op-shop. You might even be able to sell some of it online and make a little bit of pocket money. But what about getting crafty and trying your hand at some upcycling ideas to get further use out of these items that have been such a big part of your baby’s life so far? 

It turns out, lots of parents have had the same idea – but where to begin? We’ve found a bunch of great ways to reuse and upcycle your old baby gear, so step right this way!  

How to upcycle old baby blankets   

Baby blanket quilts

Turn that collection of old baby blankets into a snuggly quilt for your little one – it will be a gorgeous keepsake in years to come! Here’s an easy tutorial from Scratch and Stitch to get you started.

Quilt made from baby blankets

Baby blanket toys

Those lovely soft baby blanket fabrics make the perfect cuddly toys. Why not turn them into bunnies or teddies for your little one? Try this easy tutorial for making cute toy bunnies from Parenting in Moments.

Toy bunnies made from baby blankets

Muslin pyjamas

Here’s one for all the muslin wraps you’ve accumulated over time – turn them into a cute pair of summer pyjamas! We love this idea from Mingo and Grace.

Toddler pyjamas made from muslin wraps

Baby blanket storage caddy

Those pretty patterned fabrics can be turned into an even prettier storage caddy with this easy tutorial from My Poppet. Make one for each bed and one for the couch, and we bet you make a dent in your baby blanket stash!

Storage caddy made from baby blankets

How to upcycle old baby clothes 

Baby clothing quilt

Your collection of too-small baby clothes is another great source of fabrics to make a quilt out of. Check out these stunning quilt ideas from The Yellow Birdhouse.

Quilt made from baby clothes

Baby clothing memory game

Memory games are brilliant for growing little minds, so why not make your own with some of the adorable fabrics from your leftover baby clothes? Here’s a simple tutorial from Apple Green Cottage.

Memory game made from baby clothes

Baby clothing bibs

If there’s one thing that a mum knows for sure, it’s that you can never have too many bibs! And you’ll need them right throughout the toddler years. So as your little one grows out of their clothing, why not turn them into pretty bibs to add to your collection? Here’s an easy tutorial using onesies from Scratch and Stitch.

Bibs made from baby clothes

Baby clothing memory bears

We love this adorable idea for turning a baby clothes into a memory bear keepsake – the perfect way to hang on to your favourite cuddly baby outfit! Check out this great tutorial from How Joyful.

Teddies made from baby clothes

How to upcycle baby food jars 

Keepsake jars

Why not turn some of those baby food jars into keepsake jars? Handy for storing all sorts of little knick-knacks like buttons, hairbands, beads and more. We love these clever LEGO and emoji themed ideas from Our Messy Table and All Things with Purpose

Magnetic spice rack

Baby food jars are the perfect size for storing herbs and spices in, and with a little creativity, you can make your own look really pretty. Here’s a fantastic tutorial to make your own magnetic spice jars that you can stick on the fridge from One Lucky Pickle.

Magnetic spice rack made from baby food jars

Photo snow globes

This cute photo snow globes idea is a great craft activity for kids and they make lovely gifts for grandparents and friends. Get started with this fun tutorial from Design Mom.

Photo snowglobes made from baby food jars

Party favour jars

Think outside the box for your next party and make your own party favour jars! The world is your oyster when it comes to filling and decorating these, but we particularly love this unicorn slime idea from The Best Ideas for Kids, and this bubble wand idea from The Chickabug Blog is also super sweet. This would also make a great party craft – let the kids decorate their own party favour jars to take home!

Party favours made from baby food jars

How to upcycle your cot 

Kids’ craft table

Turn your cot into a useful craft table for the kids complete with blackboard desk with this clever tutorial from A Little Learning for Two.

Kids craft table made from an old cot

Chalkboard easel

Katie from The Red Kitchen shared this brilliant idea for turning the head and foot boards from an old cot into a blackboard easel for kids. Some people are so clever!

Chalk board easel made from an old cot

From cot to day bed

Your bub’s old cot can become a comfy and functional day bed or couch for your front porch once you’re done with it. Just take off the drop side and cut the legs down to the desired height, and voila! Here’s how Christina from 2 Little Hooligans did it.

Day bed made from an old cot

Book rack

If you’re anything like me, you will have collected at least a million children’s books by the time your baby becomes a toddler. We love this idea for turning the sides of your old cot into an eye-catching book rack from DIY Home Sweet Home.

Book rack made from an old cot

Kids playhouse / book nook

Create a sweet little playhouse or reading nook for your kids once they’re done with the cot – just flip the cot and take off the drop side and you’re ready to decorate your new play space! Here’s a gorgeous example from Flickr.

Play house made from an old cot

How to upcycle your change table 

Driving dresser

Your old change table can become a handy kids dresser for toys or clothing with just a few simple paint modifications, like this cute idea from Remodelaholic. Perfect for kids who can’t get enough of their toy cars!

Driving dresser made from a baby change table

Play kitchen

If your change table has an attached door like this one, it will make the perfect play kitchen when you’re ready to upcycle! We love what Bonne Nouvelle has done with this one.

Play kitchen made from old baby change table

Storage bench

We love this idea for turning your change table into a handy storage bench with just a few simple modifications, just like this Hometalk member has done over on their website. 

Storage bench made from old baby change table

Outdoor mud kitchen / potting bench

Mud kitchens are all the rage for kids who love to get a bit grubby, and it’s the perfect way to upcycle your old change table! Just pop a sink in the top and set the kids free making mud pies … or just use it as a very handy outdoor potting bench. This clever example from Upcycle That has even added an attachment to the outdoor tap so you can have running water. Genius!

Mud kitchen made from baby change table


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