11 things kids love but parents wish didn’t exist

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There’s so much stuff out there designed to make lives with little ones just a little bit easier. And then there are some things that are designed (we suspect) to purely to frustrate parents, put a massive dent in our wallets and make a big mess. Life is definitely not made easier with these things in your life.

Come and share a laugh – and a groan – at some of the things that exist for kids that we really, really, really wish didn’t.

1. Bubbles

Bubbles are great! But opening up bubbles for little ones and watching as your toddler screams “Me do it” while spilling the liquid soap all over the floor definitely doesn’t top the list as one of my favourite activities.

2. Pretty much anything that comes in a lolly bag

My favourites have to be the whistles, blowers and poppers that leave confetti all over the house. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Glitter bottles feature

3. Glitter

Words cannot express my feelings towards glitter.

4. Video arcades

There are a few pluses to video arcades and I admit that my son loves going to them and I don’t even mind playing a few of the games. But, after spending $25 on tokens, you get about enough tickets to purchase a sticker or perhaps, if you’re lucky, a bouncy ball. It’s the fun that counts though, right? That’s what I tell myself every time I get sucked into going into one.

5. Claw machines

It’s official – they are rigged. A video by VOX proves it, but we already knew that anyway, right? Yet, somehow, those oversized stuffed Minion dolls look simply too amazing to walk past without begging for a turn. Every. Single. Time.

6. Tickle Me Elmo toys

We’ve had four different talking Elmos in this house. All four accidentally went for a swim in the bath.

7. Any other doll that talks

Or sings. It doesn’t have to be Elmo. Any other doll, Furby, stuffed animal or superhero figure that talks is equally as annoying.

8. Lolly dispensers

$2 coin. Five lollies. This may be one of the worst inventions in the world. 

Father and son playing music with guitar and drums - feature

9. Musical instruments

Having a child who can play a musical instrument is something a lot of parents put on their wish list – and it is a joy to behold, that’s for sure. But a musical instrument in the hands of anyone who can’t play the thing is pure torture. Yes, they have to practice. We know that. But let’s be honest, is there anything worse than listening to a child practice Hot Cross Buns over and over on a recorder at 7am on a Sunday?

10. Jumping castles

I’m all for jumping castles at play centres and birthday parties, but the ones at fairs that cost $4 for a three-minute jump can kindly exit the premises, thanks very much. And worst of all, they are so big that they are unavoidable.

11. Musical carousels

You can’t go to the shops without seeing at least three of these germ-infested mini rides for kids. They are in every corner and in front of every major grocery store. They could be aeroplanes, or trains, or Wiggles characters, or motorcycles, or even horses. You know the ones. They cost $2 for about a one minute ride and there is no way to avoid them.

Hot tip! Tell the kids that if the red light is flashing on the top of the ride, that means it’s actually broken. #evilgenius


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