ALDI’s sought-after nursery rocking chair is back with a stylish new look

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ALDI’s coveted rocking chair is back and parents are sure to be queueing outside the store this week in the early morning darkness, in the hopes of snapping one up.

Here comes Mia!

Prepare for pandemonium because the Mia Rocking Chair is listed in the ALDI catalogue as a Special Buy this coming Wednesday.

Previous ALDI rocking chair Special Buy days have been sheer chaos, with customers borderline wrestling each other in a bid to secure one for their favourite baby’s nursery.

The supermarket chain has been accused of ‘bait advertising’ with some customers urging them to make more of their Special Buy product available and to put measures in place to ensure shoppers feel safe.

So what of this “stylish new look”, you might be wondering. Well, this time around, the super popular rocker features a slightly tweaked on-trend design switch. Gone is the formal tufted, high back and piping of the classically styled Ava rocker.

It’s been replaced with the Mia’s sleek, low-backed silhouette and minimal, pared-back detailing. 

The new Mia comes in white or soft grey and it can cleverly be changed from a rocking chair to a regular chair by switching up the legs.

It’s also apparently much more comfortable than its predecessors.

Considering all that, it’s excellent to note that the Special Buys spruikers have not updated the pricing. This new ALDI classic is still coming in at $199. That’s the same price as the old rocker which was so hotly contested last year. And the year before that!

A much more modern rocking chair

ALDI says they’ve made these changes to keep up with shifting interiors trends.

“Our Ava rocking chair featured a tufted back with winged sides, traditional-shape rocking chair legs and was available in a soft grey colour,” an ALDI spokesperson told

“We’ve updated the look, with Mia to offer a smooth finish, flat back, modern-look rocking legs and an additional cushion for extra comfort.”

This rocking chair is sure to cause a stampede at ALDI on Wednesday, so godspeed to you if you’re heading in to try and nab one.

ALDI rocking chair 2018

ALDI rocking chair 2019



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