You remind me of the babe! Guess what the baby from Labyrinth looks like now?

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You remind me of the babe! What babe? The babe with the power!

Who do? You do. Do what?

For those of us who grew up watching the David Bowie fantasy film Labyrinth, that famous refrain taps into something special and conjures up visions of Hoggle and men in tights and grumpy older sisters.

Now, with fresh news of the Netflix rebooted The Dark Crystal movie, comes some ace related info about Labyrinth.

It turns out that the design supervisor for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (aka the rebooted version of The Dark Crystal) is none other than TOBY FROUD.

That’s the same “Toby-yyyyyyyyy!” that played the stripey-suited baby in Labyrinth.



Netflix spilled the beans on social media, but somehow it slipped by us until this very lucky day.

“Fun Fact — Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance design supervisor Toby Froud is no stranger to the fantastical world of Jim Henson … he was also the baby in the truly iconic 1986 movie Labyrinth!” the streaming giant tweeted earlier this month.

Toby is now 34 years of age – which makes us feel positively ancient.

It seems that the now grown-up stripey baby was destined to follow this fantastical film type path, since before he was even born.


Toby’s parents Brian and Wendy met on the set of the original The Dark Crystal. Brian’s a conceptual designer and Wendy is a puppet builder. Brian designed Bowie’s  Goblin King costume. Wendy worked on The Dark Crystal puppets … and also created the original Yoda for Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. 

It’s all toooo much, right?! How cool!

The tweet from Netflix below shows Toby then and now. He looks the same. Just bigger and sans the onesie.

A bit of Instagram digging shows that Toby is a dad himself now … and his kid looks just like Labyrinth’s Toby!


Toby also works as a puppet creator and sculptor, so these mad skills combined with his excellent pedigree have landed him this design supervisor role.

“As weeks went by, we realised he was providing an invaluable role helping to translate his parents’ designs into the concrete build of the puppets and the costumes,” Lisa Henson, who is the daughter of the late Jim Henson, the CEO and president of the Jim Henson Company, and an executive producer on Age of Resistance told Entertainment Weekly.

“Toby was really in charge of translating all of the designs into the actual build and the look of the puppets.” 

Good on ya, TOBES!

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The Crystal calls!! It has been an epic adventure to get here. Brought to screens around the world by a magnificent team of creatives and dreamers. There are too many to thank individually, so as Jen said, “Alright. Together then!” To Netflix To the Hensons To the Director To the Producers To the Writers To the Puppet builders and Creators To the Puppeteers To the Production teams To the Art deptartment and World builders To the Crews who worked tirelessly To the Wranglers To the Voices To the Composer To the Lovers To the Dreamers What we have achieved is stunningly beautiful and truly amazing!! I’m honored to have worked with and along side you all. Lastly, to my Parents, without whom the original film wouldn’t be what it is!! And I wouldn’t be here to able to be a part of this amazing project, to work along side them and create with our hearts and lead with our hands! And all of you!! This is now yours to care for… Welcome to the world of Thra!!

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