This kids’ book subscription service is just what your fave lil bookworm needs

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One of our very favourite kids’ bookstores has just announced this new service and it’s perfect for growing life-long readers from day dot!

Book ‘o’ the Month Club!

The Readings Kids’ Book Subscription will send a gorgeous new-release picture book to a lucky little book-lover each month on your behalf.

The award-winning Readings have several Melbourne outlets and a dedicated children’s bookshop too. In short, these champs know their stuff!

Each book of the month is handpicked by those very children’s book experts and any books featured in this subscription will be the absolute best of the bunch.

This book subscription is the perfect alternative to all those pastel baby toys and/or annoying plastic bit and bots. They last a lifetime, encourage quiet time AND promote the beauty of a lovely yarn.

This is the baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift that keeps on giving – every month!  

Books are beautifully gift wrapped to keep the excitement coming.

Get your bookworm on

You can send a personalised message if you splash out on this for bookworm in your life. This helps them  to quickly work out who their favourite gift-giver of all blinking time is. Phew!

There are two options to choose from: a six month subscription ($185) or a ten month subscription ($300).  

In other words, you can be in your chosen kiddo’s thoughts at least six times a year. Or ten.

Or possibly even more if you’re very memorable for things other than giving good presents. (Which you no doubt are.)

Dressing Your Family by Beci Orpin

This is an excellent choice for clever friends and family who want to send a gift that doesn’t annoy parents. (We’re looking at you, recorder! Shout out to you, glitter craft kit!)

Instead it encourages kids to be imaginative, creative and curious … and to learn to love brilliant books.

Really, it’s very hard to know why you’d choose any other gift, isn’t it?!

Readings Book Subscription for kids

This service is available to Australian and International book-lovers, too. There’s a wee variation in price for international shoppers, so please note that.

For more information about The Readings Kids’ Book Subscription head over to Readings. Click here! Genius idea, champs!

Horatio Squeak


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