10 most popular dogs names of 2019 – so far

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It’s official, the most popular dog names for 2019 have been revealed. 

Trupanion, a medical insurance company for pets revealed the results after taking a deep dive into their database of 500,000 dogs to figure out the most popular names.

Naming your dog can be lots of fun as you have the freedom to choose a slightly more unique title; they can be amusing and a little bit crazy, or traditional and sensible.

To help you name your pup, here are the ten most popular dog names of 2019, along with their meanings.

1. Bella

The top name for a female dog, why not name your dog after the Italian-related word meaning ‘beautiful’. You might even want to use a variation of this, such as Belle after the beautiful village girl, Belle, in Beauty and the Beast.

2. Charlie

The most popular unisex dog name of 2019 is Charlie. Charlie is of English origin, meaning ‘free man’. You can use this name for your male or female dog.

3. Max

Max means ‘greatest’ and is of English origin, and also a German diminutive of Maximilian and Maxwell. Maxwell means ‘great spring’ which could make a perfect name for your lively boy.

4. Lucy

Lucy was derived from the Latin masculine name ‘Lucius’ which means light – an excellent name for the puppy that lights up your life.

5. Molly

Molly is of Irish and Latin origin meaning ‘star of the sea’. Perhaps your pooch is a great swimmer and loves the beach – this would make the ideal name for them.

6. Bailey

Another name which can be given to either a male or female dog, this is a strong and independent name making a great match for your strong independent puppy. 

7. Daisy

Daisy is a pretty feminine name for a particularly feminine dog. After the small and petite flower, this name comes from the old English word ‘dægeseage’ meaning ‘day’s eye’.

8. Lola

Short for the Spanish name ‘Dolores’. Lola means ‘strong woman’, perfect a strong female puppy.

9. Buddy

Derived from the English word meaning ‘friend’. As dogs are considered a man’s best friend, it’s no surprise that this name features in the top ten.

10. Maggie

Maggie is an abbreviation of Margaret meaning ‘pearl’. This name dipped out of popularity and has now made a comeback.


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