This cat’s hilarious reaction to her pregnancy will make you snort

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It’s fair to say that in the history of surprised cats, this surprised cat takes the kitty cake. Not only is she furrily gobsmacked to hear there are kittens on the way, she’s pretty freaked out that they’re on that little TV screen too!

“When you find out you’re pregnant”

When this little tabby cat was rescued from the streets of Nuuk in Greenland, she quickly began to thrive thanks to the dedicated care of animal shelter Dyrenes Venner. She thrived so much, in fact, that a month into her stay she aroused suspicions. Pussy cat Ulla appeared to be getting “a little chubby” shelter board member Tone Frank told Today. “So I took her to get scanned at the vet.”

“She wasn’t too happy” about having a scan Frank explained, but the ultrasound revealed some big news so was totally worth the trip. It turned out that the “chubby” one-year-old was actually pregnant, and nobody ways more shocked than Ulla, it would seem. Her reaction embodied pure … disbelief!

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“We saw little kittens in her tummy”

Frank snapped some brilliant photos during Ulla’s consultation – and captured her priceless reaction to the news of impending motherhood – and uploaded it to the popular forum Reddit, for other animal lovers to enjoy.

“It was pretty amazing,” Frank said. “I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.”

When you find out you’re pregnant from r/aww


Kittens for days

Apparently Ulla’s due any day now, and while her advanced pregnancy means they’re not sure exactly how many kittens she’s carrying (they’re a bit hard to see in that crowded belly!) the shelter say they will be finding homes for all the kitties, once they’re old enough to be away from their mum.

Ulla, who has already been adopted by an excited family, will be desexed once she gives birth. Then she’ll have time to really settle in to her new digs.

“She has gotten a new home now, a place that has two dogs and one more cat, and they’re doing great,” Frank said.

Naw. We love a happy ending! (And a surprised kitty too!)


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