Things to do at home: 10 excellent kids’ eBooks for little story lovers

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Story books have jumped from page to screen meaning there’s lots of kids’ eBooks waiting for you to snap them up and download them instantly. 

We’ve rounded-up a few of our very favourites, in case you need an emergency brand new story.

No torn pages or sippy cups spilled on covers with these tablet-friendly tomes! Let’s take a peek.

10 excellent kids’ eBooks for little story lovers

1. On the Night You Were Born — written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman

On the night you were born book

This picture book is a total classic, just perfect for the youngest readers, new parents, and grandparents. Kids will love listening to the rhyming text and the illustrations are simply gorgeous.

In eBook format on Amazon – $10.13

2. The Good Egg — written by Jory John and illustrated by Pete Oswald

The Good Egg book

A brilliant story about an egg who changes things up.

“Meet the good egg. He’s a verrrrrry good egg indeed. But trying to be so good is hard when everyone else is plain ol’ rotten. As the other eggs in the dozen behave badly, the good egg starts to crack from all the pressure of feeling like he has to be perfect. So, he decides enough is enough!”

In eBook format on Amazon – $12.99

3. Be Kind — written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen Hill

Be Kind eBook

This beautiful story discusses the importance of friendship sparking important discussions with little ones.

“When Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, her classmate wants to make her feel better, wondering: What does it mean to be kind? From asking the new girl to play to standing up for someone being bullied, this moving story explores what kindness is, and how any act, big or small, can make a difference—or at least help a friend.”

In eBook format on Amazon – $12.10

4. A Stone Sat Still – written and illustrated by Brendan Wenzel 

a stone sat still storybook

A very special story which teaches big lessons about our precious earth to little people.

“The story of a seemingly ordinary stone. But it isn’t just a stone—to the animals that use it, it’s a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven … even an entire world. A gorgeous exploration of perspective, perception, sensory experience, color, size, function, and time, with an underlying environmental message that is timely and poignant.”

In eBook format on Amazon – $16.75

5. Sulwe — written by Lupita Nyong’o and illustrated by Vashti Harrison

Sulwe picture book

In her first picture book, award-wining actor Lupita Nyong’o encourages children to accept and celebrate themselves.

“Sulwe’s skin is the colour of midnight. She’s darker than everyone in her family, and everyone at school. All she wants is to be beautiful and bright, like her mother and sister. Then a magical journey through the night sky opens her eyes and changes everything.”

In eBook format on Amazon – $14.99

6. Truman — written by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins

Truman storybook

A story about how tricky it is to wait for important things to happen.

“Truman the tortoise lives with his Sarah, high above the taxis and the trucks and the number eleven bus, which travels south. He never worries about the world below…until one day, when Sarah straps on a big backpack and does something Truman has never seen before. She boards the bus!”

In eBook format on Amazon – $13.99

7. 100 First Dinosaur Words by DK

100 first dinosaur words

This book features 40 amazing dinosaurs along with helpful pronunciation guides for their names and details about dinosaur body parts, their eggs and babies, habitats, and skeletons.

In eBook format on Amazon – $7.99

8. The Going To Bed Book — written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton

The going to bed book

If you’re climbing the walls and counting down the hours until your kiddo’s asleep, this is the book to get them on the move.

“An ark-full of energetic animals get ready for sleep. It’s the perfect end-of-the-day book for young children.”

In eBook format on Amazon – $3.99

9. The Koala Who Could — written by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field

The Koala who could ebook

Rachel Bright and Jim Field have joined forces to create this award-winning book about trying new things.

“Meet Kevin. A koala who likes to keep things the same. Exactly the same. But sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not … And, as Kevin discovers, if you step outside your comfort zone and try new things, you might just surprise yourself!”

In eBook format on Amazon – $12.99

10. There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake — written by Hazel Edwards

Story of the week

And last, but definitely not least, let’s sneak in Kinderling Kids Radio’s Story of the Week and a much-loved Australian favourite, There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake by Hazel Edwards. It’s not available as an eBook, but your child can listen to this story (read by the author herself!) instead.

In audiobook format on Audible, via Amazon.



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