The Rock shooting a video while daughter interrupts is all too hilariously real

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Like many celebs, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is enjoying sharing snippets of family life on social media while he quarantines with his wife, Lauren Hashian, and two youngest daughters, four-year-old Jasmine and two-year-old Tiana. His eldest daughter Simone, 19, lives with her mum, Dwayne’s first wife, Dany Garcia. 

The Rock seems to be quite the hands-on dad, with some of his recent Instagram shares including his bedtime ritual of singing with his youngest, Tia, as well as piñata fun in the yard with Jasmine. 

But just like every parent ever, he’s also finding that the constant close proximity to his adorably energetic daughters is somewhat … shall we say, counterproductive?  

Kid chaos caught on film

Case in point: a video shared this week on LADbible’s Facebook page, featuring The Rock as he shows us how to make a cocktail for Mother’s Day, while four-year-old Jasmine does what four-year-olds do best – interrupts again and again. And again. 

As The Rock attempts to share the recipe for his mum’s favourite cocktail, a Teremana Mamarita (conveniently made with Teremana Tequila, a new tequila company founded by The Rock himself), little Jasmine can be seen dancing around the table, jumping in front of the camera, pointing out birds flying by, and basically causing absolute chaos. She brings him a bunch of flowers from their garden and places petals in the cocktails. She’s a wee whirling dervish – and the epitome of a happy and carefree four-year-old child.

Poor Dad can’t get a word in edgewise, but we must admit, he shows the patience of a saint, graciously allowing Jasmine to interrupt, answering her questions and letting her ‘help’ him add the ingredients – including the all-important flower petals! 

Watch the wholesome, happy carnage here:

Every parent everywhere trying to do anything

Honestly, the whole ordeal looks quite exhausting, but we are relating hard because truly, isn’t this just every parent everywhere trying to do anything? Have kids, they said! It will be fun, they said. And it is – mostly! 

The Rock really earns a few sips of those delicious-looking cocktails. Now excuse us while we dig the tequila out from the depths of the highest cupboard – it’s our turn! (Preferably sans interrupting children though, just saying.) 🍹


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