The original Wiggles shared a selection of their shows on Youtube

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Now, we’re aware that the kids of today have no idea who Jeff, Murray and Greg are. But you do! And how cool would it be to introduce the kids to the old guard?!

The Wiggles have updated their Youtube channel with a selection of their original shows, introduced by none other than Murray Cook himself.

With the four video series, you can reminisce on the ole ‘Wake Up Jeff!’ gag that entertained the previous wiggly generation …

Or wind back to where it all began with the OG ‘Big Red Car’.

There’s also ‘Yummy Yummy’ …

And a personal favourite, ‘Rock-a-bye Your Bear’ (when Anthony wore a green polo?!)

And now we’ve caught the nostalgia bug, we’re going to settle in and watch Wiggle Time in its entirety.

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