Dad filmed dragging his daughter through an airport has us all feeling for him

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An over-it dad has been filmed dragging his clearly over-it kiddo through an airport by the hood of her jacket.

And while the viral video might be a shock to non-parents, because it does look a bit dodgy, mums and dads everywhere are a little more sympathetic and jumping to his defence.  

We all get it

The footage of the poor dad was filmed by a fellow traveller at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia on New Years Day.

He can be seen sliding his daughter across the terminal as another little girl, probably his other daughter, trails behind him.

Child abuse or just a desperate dad?

The controversial video, posted by Viral Hog, is getting some mixed reactions.

While many people have commented that it’s cruel to drag a child in public, with it bordering on child abuse, others are pointing out that the child looks quite comfortable being slid.

Go dad!

On the pro-dad side, parents of the internet are coming to the man’s defence. 

Several have commented that before having kids, they also would have been horrified by the footage and would have sworn they would never do that. But after having kids, and experiencing the agony that is travelling with overtired little ones, or dealing with an irrational toddler having a public meltdown, they get it.

“Oh man, I’m sure every parent has reached this level of frustration,” said one.

“Anyone with toddlers can understand this LOL,” added another.

Toddler boy crying sad

A nice way to travel

In more defence of the dad, who has no idea he is being filmed we might add, parents have also pointed out that the hood slide is actually a quite clever technique for moving his kiddo. They can see that he’s lugged up, but also dealing with a little one who is refusing to walk.

“She may like this. Transport while lying down-who wouldn’t? Toddlers get tired. He has luggage and another kid …” said one commentator.

“He should have smacked her”

Then, of course, there was the old, “that child needs to be pulled into line with a good spanking” comments. Sigh. When will these end?   
The dad hasn’t been named or come forward to talk about the video (he’s probably still trying to recover from his wearing travels with kids), so we don’t actually know why he was dragging his daughter through the airport.
But we don’t see any harm in the video. The girl looks calm, dad looks tired but also on a mission to just do what needs to be done to get his little family to the gate.
We’re sure his daughter’s outfit needed a good wash after the drag/slide/wee but everyone seemed A-OK!


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