Help Bedtime Explorers win a Webby: let’s make internet history!

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Exciting news! A member of the Babyology family, Kinderling Kids Radio, has been nominated for their terrific Bedtime Explorers podcast at the prestigious 24th annual Webby Awards in the Apps, Mobile and Voice – Health, Fitness & Lifestyle category.

It means Kinderling Kids Radio’s Bedtime Explorers podcast has been singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category (and is also competing for the internet’s two most coveted awards: The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award).

The Webby Award is chosen by the Academy and The Webby People’s Voice Award is voted on by you! So we need you to vote now please! Voting closes at 11pm 8 May. So hurry, hurry, hurry!

What is Bedtime Explorers?

Bedtime Explorers is a soothing audio meditation series designed to get kids (and their grown-ups) ready for bed through a series of relaxing mindfulness exercises.

Featuring the calming voice of mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and music by Gentleforce, each episode teaches kids techniques that will help them relax and fall asleep though taking little minds on an imaginative journey to magical places or to meet animals with special strengths.

Why it’s essential listening now

If it was helpful to families pre-lockdown, Bedtime Explorers is now an essential part of family sanity as we face increased time living, working and learning at home. In these challenging times, it has become more important than ever for families to have access to tools and routines that help kids (and parents) stay calm and relaxed. It’s calming to the ear, with soothing music and gentle audio design. But most importantly, each episode is designed to teach kids valuable self-regulation skills and techniques that have positive developmental impacts on them emotionally and socially as they grow. And it works!

Listen to it here

Recently voted #1 Children’s Podcast by Channel 10’s The Project, you can tune in nightly at 7pm on Kinderling Kids Radio or listen to favourite episodes anywhere, anytime on the free Kinderling app. You can check out more info on Kinderling Bedtime Explorers.

We’d love you to help Bedtime Explorers make internet history by voting for Bedtime Explorers here.

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