A follow-up to funny ‘Go The Eff To Sleep’ book is coming – and it’s hilarious

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Perhaps you were a firm fan of Adam Mansbach’s groundbreaking international bestseller Go The F*ck To Sleep? The book transformed every parent’s dilemma into an hilarious grown-ups-only picture book.

Seriously Go to Sleep

That original book came about when Adam’s daughter, Vivien, was two years old. The toddler would take up to two hours to fall asleep and a frustrated Adam posted an update on Facebook one night writing “Look out for my forthcoming children’s book, Go the F*ck to Sleep“.

His friends and followers were totally into the idea, and so a throwaway line became actual real book. 

Said book sold like hotcakes across the globe, striking a chord with knackered mums and dads who could also read a kid-friendly and totally G-rated version Seriously Go to Sleep to their littlies if they chose. #genius

Since then, it’s become a movement. Celebrities jostled to read the rude version of the book aloud with gusto. Samuel L Jackson even voiced the title for Audible, in audio book form.

Go The EFF to sleep Book Go The EFF to sleep Book

But wait, there’s more!

Bolstered by the success of his cheeky title, Adam followed up with another grown-up classic – You Have to F*cking Eat – hoping to capture the agony of picky eaters and the frustration of their parents.

You-have-to-effing-eat-book You-have-to-effing-eat-book

Now, eight years after the OG eff book hit stores – Adam’s written a third book for adults. And it’s brilliant!

It’s called F*ck, Now There Are Two of You and it pretty much sums up the secret horror that dawns on many parents as they navigate the steep learning curve of sizing up their fam.

EFF now there are two of you book

F*ck, Now There Are Two of You is due out in October, but you can preorder it now on Amazon.

“Gorgeously illustrated and chock-full of unspoken sentiments channeled directly from the brains of parents worldwide, Fuck, Now There Are Two of You articulates all the fears and frustrations attendant to the simple, math-defying fact that two is a million more kids than one,” its publisher says.

It’s hard to imagine a better gift for someone who’s expecting baby number two.

Snap up a copy right here. For eff’s sake.


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