11 excellent life lessons we can all learn from Peppa Pig

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Not so long ago there were lots of parents on Twitter claiming their kids were sounding very British and posh after watching too much Peppa Pig

Like Eddie says:  

Heh. It’s funny because it’s true. 

But what is also true is that there is a certain ‘something’ about Peppa Pig that makes it more lovable than most other kids’ shows.

That certain ‘something’ about Peppa Pig

‘Subtle’ feels like the right word here. It’s not too loud. There’s not too much colour and the characters are all using age-appropriate language. 

That is, the children don’t sound like adults going through an existential crisis – a scenario that is all too common in older children’s television shows. 

As mummy blogger Zaahida wrote recently: “It’s good clean, simple fun.”

So true.

With that in mind, I asked a group of mum friends to share a positive lesson/thing that Peppa Pig has taught their kids. 

Here’s what they came up with:

1. How to speak with a British accent

“The first time my daughter said ‘quarrel’, I died laughing. And then there’s just the full British pronunciation … nursery, Mummy and Daddy. All said with a bit of a plum in the vowels.” 

2. Eating dinner at the table together is fun

“Dinner time is such a ritual at Peppa’s house. I love watching that. It gives me hope! Ha. Also, they all talk to each other; nobody is sneaking off to look at their phone.”

3. That Mummies are a bit cleverer than Daddies *snort*

“Look, we all know it’s true! A bit cheeky, though. But it’s so familiar to watch the woman know where everything is around the place, and what to do in a crisis. While Daddy Pig just seems to say he knows what to do!”

4. School is great fun!

“Ever noticed how nobody ever complains about going to school. School mornings are fun and nobody is running around the house looking for lost things at the last minute. They never run late either! Ha.”

5. That it’s good to know everyone in the community by name

“Ms Rabbit, Daddy Dog, Peppa and George know everyone in their little community and they all use each other’s names. There’s bound to be a good lesson in that.”

6. That kids share bedrooms

“Peppa and George always share a bedroom, and Peppa has the top bunk. It’s good for kids to see that sharing is normal, and not everyone lives in a big house with lots of rooms.”

7. That everyone has a special skill/gift in life

“All the characters as different animals is a lovely way to show diversity within a community. And it also shows kids that everybody has different features, like Peppa’s snort!”

8. Nobody has a mobile phone or an iPad

“I’m not sure I have even seen a TV at Peppa and George’s house. And you never hear any of the kids asking for an iPad or the parents sneaking off for a chat on the phone, or scroll through Facebook!”

9. It’s important to say “please” and “thank you”

“Peppa and George both have great manners. And everyone they interact with says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. I also like that Peppa speaks so politely to her parents. I hope that rubs off!”

10. When your little brother cries, it’s best to give him a hug

“I just love George’s cry. He is so cute! It’s perfectly done, he really does sound like your average toddler. And I like how lovely the rest of the family is to him when he does cry. So sweet.”

11. Life’s too short not to jump in muddy puddles

“The joy on their faces and the way they giggle while they’re doing it … it’s impossible not to laugh too!”

Whoever said television isn’t good for kids, clearly hasn’t watched Peppa Pig


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