Carrie Bickmore’s 3-year-old hit the airwaves to talk about her nits

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Naw. What a cutie. Carrie Bickmore’s three-year-old daughter Evie popped up on the radio this week and was more than happy to chat about a pesky problem … NITS!

Carrie Nit-more

Carrie and partner Chris Walker are parents to 12-year-old Ollie – whose dad is the late Greg Lange – almost three-month-old Adelaide as well as the adorable Evie (who turns four in just a few weeks).

Carrie’s back from maternity leave, with the show actually broadcasting from a granny flat at her home – hence the extra little co-hosts!

After posting lots of cute baby spam to social media about the family’s newest addition, this week saw a changing of the guard. Luckily Evie was more than ready take the mic, sitting on her mum’s lap during the radio show she co-hosts with Tommy Little and cheerfully revealing she brought a dose of nits home.

Encouraged by her mum, she was quite keen to share the details with listeners and we’re sure listeners were all ears as this relatable reveal played out.

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“So bloody cute”

“Evie is so bloody cute,” the Carrie and Tommy Show Instagram account posted beside a cute video of Evie and her mum. “This was the moment she told Australia what happened to her on the weekend!”

“What did I have to do to you yesterday?” Carrie asks her daughter in the clip.

“Ummmmm. Fix my hair because it had nits in it, actually!” Evie responds grinning cheekily.

To be clear Instagram loved Evie’s candour as much as we did!

“Rite of passage for 99% of parents with school age children,” one follower posted. “It’s the pits!!!”

“So cute, but now my head is itchy!” someone else wrote.

“Keeping it real,” another Instagrammer commented.

Evie’s nit news was hardly surprising because it followed an earlier itchy update where a grossed-out Tommy combed the nits out of Carrie’s hair. The Bickmore-Walkers are obviously totally committed to doing things together and keen for Tommy to get on board.


If only we were all so cheeky and cheerful about nits because truth be told those itch-inducing critters find their way into almost every home where small children live. Before you know it they shuffle from kids heads to adults and suddenly everyone is wishing Carrie Bickmore would come over and comb those suckers out.

Thank you to Evie for opening up and normalising this pesky part of family life. We love a raw nit reveal! #WhyAreWeItchyNow?


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