We just found the cutest Star Wars baby shoes for your junior Jedi

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All the other baby shoe makers can go home because there are peak cute Star Wars baby shoes now!

May the force be with you

The folk at our favourite shoe brand Freshly Picked have released a gorgeous Star Wars range and it features all the characters you love (and love to hate!)

These Star Wars tribute shoes are built especially for little feet. They have soft elastic at the opening to make them easy to take off while also ensuring they aren’t kicked off.

The soles are soft, yet durable. They’re comfortable, yet designed to withstand the wear and tear of baby and toddler life.

The elves at Freshly Picked have carefully hand-crafted these cute Star Wars kicks from natural leather.

And they’re not in a galaxy far, far away either. They’re on the shelves ready for your future wee Star Wars fan.

The Child City Mocc Mini Sole

The Child City Mocc Mini Sole | Pre-Order for US$97.78

Yoda Moccasins

Yoda Fringe Moccasins | US$89

Princess Leia Bow Mocc | US$97.78

Retro R2-D2 Mini Sole | US$97.78

Chewbacca City Mocc | US$88.76

C-3PO | US$88.76

May the Force City Mocc Mini sole |US$97.78

Imperial Army Mini Sole | US$97.78

But there’s much, much more!

Believe it or not, this hand-picked Freshly Picked selection is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Star Wars shoes. They have lots of other styles featuring droids, Darth Vader, rebel pilots, the Millennium Falcon and more.

The trickiest bit is working out which shoes are perfect for your favourite little person. 

It’s also worth noting that Freshly Picked ranges usually sell out, so if you fancy more than one pair it might be worth grabbing them in a larger size and tucking them away for a rainy day. Or birthday. Or even Christmas Day. It never hurts to plan ahead now does it?! Your future self will thank you!

Pop over here to see the full Freshly Picked Star Wars range.


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