We found the perfect Summer totes for families who carry a lotta stuff

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Rachel Castle is a very talented designer of beautiful, colourful and useful things, so it comes as no surprise that the tote bags her label whips up are cheery, roomy and practical! Yay for Rach!

Rachel Castle tote

Colourful AND cheeky

Emblazoned cheekily with slogans in her signature all-caps typeface, these totes let you pile your family’s on-the-go must-haves into a bag that shouts “Lucky Duck” or “Blah Blah Blah” or “All My Crap”.

Honestly, what could be more fun than that?! 

Rachel’s excellent talkative totes are crafted from 55 percent cotton and 45 percent linen making them 100 percent natural … which is a bonus in our book.

Rachel Castle tote

Room for all the important things!

Retailing for $69 a pop, they’ve got plenty of space in there for your gang’s everyday needs. For those playing at home these bags measure 54cm x 35cm meaning you can squish your beach towels, sunscreen and togs in there OR it’ll make room for your laptop, diary, this Summer’s must-read and other less sandy stuff. Winning!

Be quick to snap up your faves though, as we notice these are (very understandably) starting to sell out at some retailers.

Head straight to the source at Rachel Castle or pop over to Kido Store – who have Afterpay – if you prefer.

We’re all kind of obsessing over the CRAP one, truth be told! So goooood! Like, tote-ally. #snort #gimme

Rachel Castle tote  

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