Duchess Meghan is being slammed for “acting” way too pregnant

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Sigh. Not content to celebrate the Sussex’s exciting baby news, a legion of naysayers are much more keen to critique Meghan for acting way too pregnant. Wait, what?

Mum shamed already

Yep. An army of royal (hate) watchers have been ridiculing Meghan for cradling her bump since way back when her pregnancy was announced during her Australian tour with Prince Harry.

When Meghan made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards on Monday, the trolls revived their anti-cradling campaign and took to Twitter to make fun of the pregnant royal.

“Seriously, no pregnant woman poses for photo like this. Ever. She’s such an actress,” one posted. “She should learn from Kate on how to pose regally when pregnant. Both hands discretely under the bump.”

“Meghan Markle must be a massive fan of Demi Moore,” another wrote.

“Cupping the bump? WHO DOES THIS? Who the hell does she think she is Madonna and child? Something VERY creepy going on in this woman’s head,” someone else suggested meanly.

“Meghan Markle holding on to that bump like someone’s about to snatch it,” one commenter wrote.

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Unfair and unsubstantiated

Of course, cradling a baby bump is nothing new and indeed something many expectant mothers do to connect with and care for their babies.

Sure royal protocol may have previously decreed a more hands-off approach when in public, but Meghan is nothing if not a rule-breaker and of course, she’s doing pregnancy in her own way.

This is just the latest in a backlash against the newlywed Duchess, with her facing criticism for everything from her dark-coloured nail polish to her alleged unfair treatment of her staff.

A slew of unsubstantiated stories have also been published online about her supposed feud with sister-in-law Kate.

Leave Meghan alone

The royal enthusiasts of Twitter were dismayed that so many people were being so hard on Duchess Meghan. They piped up in their support of her and we love them for it.

“She’s proud of her baby bump and adores it. Nothing wrong with that,” one supporter wrote on Twitter.

“Damn that baby might be pressing on something,” someone else posted. “You never know. The world is so damn negative. Get a life. Look away if it bothers you this much.”

“Oh my God, she is in a loud environment,” another commenter pointed out. “People seem to forget the bump is not an inanimate object, there’s a living being on the other side. She is soothing him/her. Is the dislike for this lady so great, that people forget to use their critical thinking skills?”

We agree. It’s ridiculous to hate on someone for loving their growing baby. Surely we’ve reached a tipping point and the trolls should back away and let Meg grow her baby in peace? Sigh.


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