Cath Kidston just released some very cute alpaca-themed fashion for littlies

Cath Kidston alpacas

Llamas and alpacas are thought by some to be interchangeable and indeed they are both part of the camel family, but that’s where things switch up.

Alpacas vs Llamas

Llamas are around twice the size of alpacas, and are the friendlier of the two. Also? They LOOK different – alpacas have small, blunt faces with short ears, and llamas have longer faces with banana-sized ears. 

It’s the less friendly and more petite alpacas that Cath Kidston has chosen to champion in her latest range for kids.

She’s snaffled the cutest alpaca illustrations and turned them into blankets, bags, shirts, PJs, toys and more.

Alpacas win!

Perhaps this is a push to re-spin the alpaca’s grouchier image? Or it may be a homage to the alpaca’s lovely soft wool? Who knows?!

Whatever the reason CK chose the alpaca to hero in her new range, we have to say … good thinking! She’s certainly picked a winner. 

There are quite a few gorgeous pieces bundled up in this collection, but here are a few of our favourites …

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Mini Alpacas Long Sleeved T-Shirt – $21
(sizes birth to 18 months)

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Baby Alpaca Jumper– $50
(sizes birth to 18 months)

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Mini Alpacas Toy – $22

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Mini Alpacas Backpack – $45

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Mini Alpacas Round Kids’ Handbag – $25

Cath Kidston Alpaca Range

Mini Alpacas Chenille Baby Blanket – $36


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