7 reasons to go out for a mums’ night out – even when you can’t be bothered

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Socialising once you’re a parent isn’t the same as it used to be. I still have very fond memories of jumping off the bus after work and walking straight into my local pub to meet up with friends before dinner or just to catch up before heading home. It was easy and effortless.

Nowadays, it’s SOOO different, and my nights out are much more spaced out, and low-key. All of my friends are just as busy as me and we’re too tired to bother with going out as much.

But the thing is, when we do get it together to meet up in the evening, we have the best time and the pay-offs are huge. Not only do I love talking and laughing with my pals, but I walk away feeling happier as a person – which I know is a good thing for me and my family. So while the nights out might be few and far between these days, I always make the effort to get to them, even when I can’t be bothered.

So if you’re like I used to be: wishing for a head cold so you can legitimately cancel your night out with your pals, hold off from slipping on those pjs just yet.

1. You get to put on your glad rags

Okay, so I know how comfy those pjs are, and I know how hard it is to select your going out clothes when you’d rather curl up on the sofa for the night in your jim jams. But once you start pulling out clothes that you haven’t worn in yonks and notice the way you feel when you put them on (i.e. your old self), believe me, it’s worth it. And don’t forget about accessories! Remember, this isn’t about getting dressed up for anyone but yourself, so if you’re more comfortable in jeans and sneakers, then wear those and skip the heels. If on the other hand, you love a good dress-up, then go to the max.

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2. Dig out your makeup

Makeup can be time consuming to apply, but it can change how you feel about yourself. That might sound shallow but as a tired mum, I love looking a little less grey in the face and having brighter eyes. Even if makeup isn’t your thing, a freshly scrubbed face and some lip balm can make you feel fresh enough to face the evening crowds. Oh, and if you’ve shelved your perfume because it was wasted on your kids, now is the time to get that out too.

3. Mum friends are the BEST

Seeing your mum pals without the kids is quite the thrill. And chances are you’ll all be so excited to see each other sans children that you’ll be falling over each other trying to get a word in. Plus, get a load of this one ladies: you’ve got all night to complete whole sentences with your mates, and I’m talking, uninterrupted convos about any topic you like. You can even swear – there’s no censors for you on a mums’ night out.

4. It makes you feel alive

Getting out into the night air and hearing the excited voices of other people enjoying their evenings is usually enough to make me feel awake and properly alive. Music, conversations, cocktails and good food are all things that can shake you out of your fatigue, at least for a little bit.

5. It connects you with the real world

It’s easy to get stuck in your mum cocoon when you’re busy raising kids, which can make you forget about the rest of the world. Getting out amongst it reminds you that the world is a really big place, and a pretty exciting one at that. It can be very refreshing to realise that the world exists outside your front door, and it might even make you want to get more involved with it, too.

6. It reminds you of who you are

Being a mum can be an all consuming adventure, making you forget about the person you used to be pre-children and even pre-relationship. A girls night out with your mum pals can help you reconnect with the person you are through good conversations and the environment you’re in. You might even find yourself getting excited about plans and aspirations that you’d forgotten all about.

7. You get some much-needed support

If after a couple of cocktails you find yourself spilling your heart out to your pals about the trials and tribulations of being a parent, by all means, go for it. Get it out of your system and enjoy the support from your friends, who no doubt have their own stories to tell. This is your chance to share your load a little and walk away feeling refreshed and revitalised. Just go easy on the Mojitos – we don’t want any regrets the next day.

In fact, we want you lining up the next night out on the calendar with with a marker pen and a smile on your face … not a raging hangover.


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