MAFS Zoe Hendrix shares brilliant single mum self-care tip in the wake of split

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Married at First Sight’s Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner sadly split earlier this year. The pair have been co-parenting their daughter Harper-Rose, and are obviously working hard to find their new normal in the wake of some heartbreaking times.

Advice from the frontline

Zoe and Alex met on popular TV show Married at First Sight, and were together for three years, welcoming daughter Harper-Rose in November of 2016. 

In April of this year, they announced their separation with Zoe noting, “we are determined to ensure our beautiful daughter Harper-Rose continues to receive this unconditional love and nurturing she deserves from both of us.”

Yesterday, Zoe shared an adorable throwback photo of herself and baby Harper, explaining that taking time away from the internet is helping make the days a little easier.

“Throwback to a year ago. That face,” she wrote on Instagram. “On a separate note, I’ve been intentionally blocking out some time offline/off social media (and using that time to write, read books or play music) and I’ve found that it does slightly help with my mental health. I’d recommend it to anyone else.”

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Finding your feet after a relationship ends is a very tricky business, with anxiety and depression often rearing their heads.

We’re not sure what Zoe’s experience has been as she adjusts to life as a single mum, but reducing exposure to the constant “highlights reel” others post on social media seems like a brilliant way to avoid triggering confusing feelings. 

It also sounds like a really healthy choice when you consider that Zoe’s got a public profile – and strangers frequently take the liberty of providing her with unsolicited advice. That kind of scrutiny and exposure is not good at the best of times, but throw in a painful break up and it’s a recipe for further heartbreak. 

“It will get better”

Zoe’s recent update in the wake of the tragic deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, provided a glimpse into how perceptive and compassionate she is. She spoke of the importance of leaning into what you’re going through – however difficult – rather than getting distracted by pressure to make everything perfect or positive.

“Ride through whatever you feel at the moment,” Zoe advised. “Nothing hurts more than trying to feel something you don’t. That unrealistic ’positive vibes only’ garbage does most of us no favour. We must allow ourselves to feel a spectrum of emotions, even the ones that cripple us. Eventually, it will get better, please don’t give up.”

It’s clear that it’s a really challenging time for this lovely mum, and also obvious that she’s keen to share what she’s learning along the way – highlights and lowlights – in the hopes that it may help others who are navigating similar situations. This makes her 1000 percent brilliant, in our eyes. 

Much love to Zoe, Harper and Alex. 



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