Mummy morning routines: 15 ways you most likely started your day

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How’s your day going so far? Were you woken up by one of your children jumping on you? Have you broken up at least one fight between said children? Enjoying a meltdown or ten?  Did you have an audience while taking a shower? Yep, we did too! Mornings can be hectic and if you’re a mum, here are several more events that have most likely happened to you this morning as well.

1. You woke with a child’s body part in your face (bonus points if it was a foot).

2. You watched the sunrise out of your bedroom window, with one eye closed.

3. The first words you heard were, “Mum, I’m hungry”.

4. You stepped on LEGO on your way out of the bedroom.

5. Your toddler ‘weed’ on the floor.

6. You heard the voice of our little mate, Bluey from the television room.

7. You reheated your coffee more than once.

8. You made more than one breakfast. You then proceeded to throw more than one breakfast in the bin (bonus points if you fed it to the dog).

9. You had an audience while doing your morning washroom rituals.

Toddler clothing meme - babyology

10. Your child insisted on wearing an outfit that was in the dirty washing pile.

11. You lost your keys or phone – bonus points if you lost both. And triple points if you found them in one of the toy baskets.

12. You prepared a convincing speech to recite to your child about why she does not need to wear gumboots today. It didn’t work.

Girls wearing gumboots walking in puddle


13. Your baby did a number three as soon as you were out of the door.

14. You carried more than two bags to school (bonus points if you also carried a child).

15. It started to rain the moment you pulled into the school drop off.

Just a typical morning! Did we miss anything?

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